The Third Trimester: Week 39

Just about there...

I want to try and get these up before Baby Moe comes for my sanity and record keeping, so here we go!

Week 39

How I'm feeling: This week, the pressure on the pelvis seems to have gradually increased. On days I walk a lot, I can really feel extra soreness from the baby pushing down. Overall, I'm sleeping pretty well, but usually wake up by 5 a.m., which is a little exhausting some days.

As the belly continues to grow exponentially, so does my level of anxiousness for the baby to be here.  This week was tough on me in terms of staying relaxed and just waiting out the days.

Baby: is the size of a WATERMELON! (~18.9 to 20.9 inches, 6.2 to 9.2 pounds). The manfriend got to hold the doppler at our midwife appointment, which was cool. Sometimes I think the baby is kicking so hard and often it's trying to say "let me out of here!"

Weight gained:  30 lb.

Exercise: lots of walking waddling, prenatal yoga, and weights

I also made it to the pool for a little aqua jogging one day, which was slower than before, but still nice.

This week I noticed that even some of my weight lifting exercises got more difficult. That being said, I have continued to stick with upper body work (like shoulder press, bent over row, reverse fly, bicep curls, etc.) and squats.

Just for fun, a full-fledged belly shot. It's funny that I would never show you my abs before and now I'm baring the belly. That's what 40 weeks of growing a human will do to you. 

What I'm wearing: With the weather varying so much lately, I've been wearing everything from long sleeves (above) to shorts and short sleeves. Being overheated while preggo really isn't so fun, so I'm thankful there have only been a few hot days around here.

Baby preparations: There's not much left at this point, beyond vacuuming every few days and keeping things generally in order. It did feel nice to wash our sheets and comforter though so they are cozy and fresh. I also wiped down our window sills. #whohastimeforthat #nesting

Craving: the ability to wear all my cute and comfy workout gear, summer tanks, and shorts

Week 39 reminds me of: the last mile of a marathon. You are so close, but agonizingly far. And frankly, in the marathon of pregnancy, you don't know exactly when that finish line is going to arrive!

What was the highlight of your weekend? 

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Stefanie said…
I know you don't want to wait any longer, but I'm pulling for Thursday, June 4th. I would love to have a little birthday buddy!
Amber said…
You seriously look AMAZING Lauren. Your belly doesn't even look *that* big! You have the perfect prego belly! You don't even have stretch marks!!! It has been sooo awesome following you through this journey on the blog and I cannot wait to "meet" baby Moe online and then meet him or her in person soon as well!
Holy baby belly! I agree with Amber - you look amazing! You are all belly! I hope Baby Moe makes his/her appearance very soon. I have been thinking of you and anxiously awaiting some exciting baby news! I can see how this final stretch is like the end of the marathon, but worse because you don't know how much further you have to go!!
Dawnetta Rios said…
Ha ha, what Stefanie said! Hang in there! Can't wait to meet baby Moe.
Luna said…
You look great Lauren! Like if I saw you from behind, i wouldn't tell you0re pregnant! you are what we call "all belly" :-) Good luck with the last wait!

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