Four Days Off

Well, it sure feels like this week was pretty much a wash thanks to being sick, having an anatomy test to study for, and then getting another blanketing of snow over Eugene!

We woke up to a light dusting on the ground this morning and then continued to watch the snow fall all day. Schools are already closed for tomorrow and it's safe to say most of Eugene is now considering it the weekend. Fine by me.

As I've mentioned before, folks to the east of us probably think we're crazy, but we don't have the snow plows or as much experience driving in this stuff. Schools (other than the university) are often closed down if we get even an inch of snow for the everyone's safety. I even slid a few times on my drive home in the Subaru!

After making my way home, I finally got back into the workout mode after four days of inactivity. And oh, did it feel good. 

On a side note, I did find it weird that yesterday my muscles randomly felt sore after doing nothing, but trying to ditch this sinus infection! I'm not going to lie, I wanted to workout, but I'm glad I just let the body do its job and didn't test my limits.

I played it safe and didn't go running outside or anything, but I stayed inside for a nice strength and tabata session with my good friend Gina. ;) I also added on her latest booty burner and a five minute ab combo to the end. 

Renegade row to side plank lateral raise

This week's winter shape up workout was a little less cardio heavy than last week's, but has a lot of good strength moves in it. I'm guessing my booty will be a little sore in two days.

A note on my top: I recently bought the indigo flyte tank and the Lesley run tights from Oiselle and love them both. I also own the long sleeve version of this tank in grey. I pretty much want to live in all things flyte.

This is all just a little PSA to say that if something makes you happy, sometimes it's worth the splurge. Hands down, my quality, well fitting, attractive workout clothes get used more than the cheap thing I found for well... cheap. Eventually, I get down to the bottom of my workout drawer and use everything, but certain pieces make me happier than others. File this under: another reason while I don't yet own a quality handbag.

Oh, I also wanted to tell you guys that I met my friend Katie for coffee this morning to chat about her new venture. She is opening her own practice to do talk therapy combined with exercise! It sounds really exciting and is something that no one else is really doing.

How did your week shape up? What unique career or business venture would you love to try out?


Leigh said…
Hope you are feeling better! I came down with a cold this week too and it's kicking my butt. Still managed to get in my runs though.
Welcome to winter! We are getting a ton of rain near the coast and snow in the mountains! It is about time! I am so glad, because we have been without rain for a long time and we needed this! And hey, you got a 4 day weekend!
Amber said…
That workout top looks really great on you! I might have to check out Oiselle! I did the first workout for Gina's winter shape up last week and it was awesome and such a good workout for only 20 minutes. I will definitely be doing week 2 this week at some point.

Sorry our chat didn't work out tonight. Whats app me when you have time and we'll figure something out for this week :-)

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