Weekend Beautiful

If I were to choose one word to sum up this weekend, it would no doubt be beautiful. We had some rare sunshine and warmer temperatures in the valley and I took advantage of it.

I meant to do Fashion Friday last week, but well, I had a chemistry test on Friday morning and I just couldn't pull it together. So here you go, the only decent outfit from last week.

I was going to a Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration lunch so I tried to pull together something cute and professional. Also tried layering necklaces, which sort of worked.

Sweater: JCrew Factory, collared shirt: Gap (old), pants: LOFT, heels: Tahari

Now on to that beauty I was talking about...

My Friday night kicked off with a 20 minute run just long enough to get some endorphins and see the sun set over the Willamette River.

Saturday morning, I went out early seeking the sun and ran up Spencer's Butte {yes, again} before heading to yoga.

Early morning = worth it

I know I jam pack my days and nights full, but when they're filled with views like this once in a while, I'm reminded just how lucky we are just to freaking BE wherever we are. I find myself in awe of the magic of a moment, especially when other parts of life are hectic. 

Ironically, our theme for yoga class Saturday was magic with a few simple reminders on how kids see the world and how they find the magic in the simplest things. Bring on the magic. 

Saturday was also filled with a few hours of studying, some house cleaning and a fun night with friends, but that didn't mean our Sunday was lazy!

Off to the Oregon Coast we go
Several Eugene friends have headed to the coast lately in seek of some warmer weather and I was really feeling the need to escape the valley.

After pancakes, the manfriend and I packed up Jonah Bell and drove the hour to Florence for some fresh air and a beautiful beach.

Seriously, these are unfiltered. The colors were amazing.

Jonah loved sprinting up and down the beach off leash and running through the brush. 

It was about 60 degrees out, but I finally had to pull off my shoes and dip my toes into the ocean, which was freezing. It just seems wrong to be at the beach and not dip your toes in, know what I mean? 

While the weekend was a little less study heavy, it was much needed. I think I am sufficiently fueled with Vitamin D for the next week or so. 

Week in workouts: 17 miles run, 3 yoga classes (1 at home), 2 strength training circuits, 1 spinning workout

My goals for this week are: to have a blast at girls night and fit in 20+ miles of running.

How was your weekend? 


Amber said…
That outfit is super cute. I might try to recreate that.

I am trying to soak up some vitamin D through your photos because I have not seen the sun for over TWO WEEKS now. Argh. It's seriously been affecting my mood. That beach is GORGEOUS -- I would love to live an hour drive away from that. And that sunrise photo you posted is also amazing. I would totally get out of bed early for that too!

Happy Monday!
Love your outfit! That color looks so great on you as it really makes your eyes pop! The beach photos are gorgeous! You live in such a beautiful area of the country - makes me want to visit so hopefully I can make that happen one of these years!

Last week was a so so week or me. Work was really busy and stressful and I am getting really anxious about not finding a new job as soon as I would like. That said, I fit in a good number of workouts and tried something new (water aerobics, which I liked) and I got caught up on a lot of things on my to-do. I was feeling so productive until I tried to start my taxes which went horribly because moving and filing in 2 states is SO confusing. :(
Jessica J said…
I'm so jealous of your outdoor time. It's really discouraging working out indoors, I'd so much rather be running outside!

Also, I love the outfit with turquoise sweater. How high were those heels? They look super cute, and not that hard to wear. I typically stay away form heels, but maybe if they weren't too high? Definitely a cute outfit!

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