New Year & 31

Happy Friday! Well, the holidays are officially over, but I think you'll agree that it's always nice to turn that calendar over to a fresh, new, sparkling year. There are so many goals, dreams and possibility available to us in a year. 

I thought I'd check in real quick on our new year and my birthday. 

I kicked off the new year with a haircut on Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to cut off a bit of length, but my hair stylist ended up cutting it a bit shorter than I anticipated. Oh well, it will grow fast and I'm enjoying its much shorter drying time!

New 'do. New you?

New Year's Eve, I did a quick and dirty Lifeforce workout with lots of squats and weight work. I came home and showered before the manfriend and I got to work on an easy Thai red curry recipe. Next time, I'll add some lemongrass and full fat coconut milk to make it a little bit more flavorful.

It's important to note that I "dressed up" for NYE by putting on skinny jeans, a tank, sweater and a necklace to celebrate with just the two of us. After all, it doesn't feel like a holiday to me with out a special outfit. ;)

We popped a bottle of bubbly, the manfriend sipped on some whiskey, and we enjoyed watching the NBC New Year's broadcast from our couch. #wildnight

New Year's Day meant no work, which called for a serious celebration of pancakes and eggs at our favorite breakfast place, Original Pancake House. But first, I hopped out of bed for a speedy 4 miler to earn my pancakes!

I'm obsessed with their buckwheat pancakes
And finally, Jan. 2 was my birthday! I celebrated with lunch with my mom {who got me a new yoga mat and other yoga goodies}, a track party workout, and dinner and cake with the runners.

So, this is what 31 looks like... {on me anyway}

Do jazz hands make the restroom look any better? Doubtful. 

Thank you LOFT for being my go to wardrobe consultant. Top, necklace and pants are all LOFT. Flats are Gap. Everything was purchased on serious sale, just how I like it.

Bust a move
I'm happy to report that I feel so much better after a week of much cleaner eats, tons of water, and lots of exercise! Last night's track workout was tiring, but felt so good. I even managed to fit in 3 strength training sessions this week and several smaller yoga flows at home.

Any plans for your weekend? 

The manfriend has a surprise planned for Saturday night and winter term starts on Monday, so I'm going to soak in these last few hours of semi-relaxation. Happy weekend!


Redhead Running said…
Happy belated birthday!
I love your new 'do! What a great way to ring in the new year, too. I always feel like a new woman after getting my hair cut! And 31 looks good on you. Can't wait to hear what the man friend has up his sleeve! Enjoy this last weekend of freedom before studying resumes!!

I have a pretty quiet weekend ahead of me. Tonight I am going over to a co-workers house for a little get together she is hosting. Tomorrow I am getting a massage and then meeting a co-worker for coffee in the afternoon and that is about it! So not too much but enough to keep me from getting super lonely.
Happy birthday! I love your new hair! I finally grew mine out from being really short and so now it's time to cut it again... I hope your manfriend surprise is super fun!
Leigh said…
Love the new do! Glad you had a wonderful birthday and NYE :)
Happy Birthday! I love the haircute... totally flatter your face type/shape!!
Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said…
31 looks pretty damn good ;) Happy belated birthday & NY!

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