Monday, September 30, 2013

Marathon Monday

Or alternatively Marathon Monsoonday? There was a typhoon that made its fancy way to the west coast Saturday night, all of Sunday and a bit today so we've had some crazy amounts of rain and wind around these parts.

Monday - 4 easy miles with the run group. Legs were feeling Sunday's 21 miler. 

Tuesday - Rest day, Hard Core Yoga in the p.m. Finally made it to this class, which is saying something because it's at 5:30 all the way across town. Loved that the room was a little warm with so many people in it and that we got to play with hand stand and bridge variations on the wall.

Wednesday - 4 miles in the a.m., p.m. Lifeforce Fitness

Thursday - working late, made it for 4 miles with the SPEED group. Did a little bit of the workout, but not the entire thing. Getting some speedy miles in is better than none!

Friday - 3 speedy miles before dawn + short abs/push up sequence. A whole lotta walking around campus for meetings today. 

Dark, rainy, pre dawn running path AKA my happy place

Saturday - 6.5 miles w/ 13 x 100m hard efforts

Sunday - 12 miles in a downpour + foam rolling and stretching. I wanted to go a few more miles, but it was completely miserable out and those last few miles were getting pretty cold and no fun. Kept the pace right around marathon goal pace. 

Total miles: 34

Overall, my runs this week were shorter than I would have liked, but I was effective with my packed schedule. When I did run, I focused on harder efforts to get the most bang for my buck. Now if only the weather would behave...

With two weeks to go until race day, I need to remember to keep stretching and foam rolling a priority. And of course, no getting sick!

Today kicks off fall term for me and Mondays are especially fun with an afternoon Chemistry class and then Anatomy & Physiology II from 6-9 p.m. I'm glad that it's taper time so I won't feel too bad if I have to fit in shorter runs or heaven for bid, miss a run. ;) It will also be a test to figure out how to properly fuel as I don't want to be eating dinner at 9:30 p.m. So far, the plan is to bring small snacks to keep me satisfied and awake.

How was your Monday? Or your favorite part of your weekend?

After a few errands, we stayed home watching football, listening to the rain/wind outside, doing some baking and laundry, and just laying low. It was a good reminder on why I come to love fall when it rolls around.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Professional Wedding Photography

So, life was busy last week and hey, it's getting a wee bit busier this week with classes! Anyway, I'm finally posting our professional wedding photos. We got them approximately eight weeks after our wedding, which is when our photographer told us to expect them. 

Kimberly and her husband Chris are the award winning duo behind Kimberly Kay Photography. They are incredibly busy during the summers doing often at least two weddings a weekend. Ultimately, I picked Kimberly Kay because their photographs were amazing and the price was right. Some equally good photographers were charging double the price for their packages!

These of course are just some of my favorites as we got about 900 photographs in total. 


The thing that I see when I look back at these photos is the pure JOY on so many peoples' faces. Weddings are truly special occasions. Sure, I was stressed beyond belief the weeks and hours before our wedding, but knowing that our friends and family were able to celebrate our wedding with us means a lot. 

Pete and I are lucky to have the support system we do and I feel so lucky that so many of our guests were able to come from far and wide, including Pete's family and a few of our friends who came from Michigan, North Carolina, Maryland, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and California.

Our Photographers
Kimberly and Chris were pretty easy to work with and were very understanding when I was on the verge of a breakdown after the first look photos. I was mentally and physically exhausted and felt bad that I wasn't up to taking many more pre-ceremony photos {that we were paying for}. That being said, they still got a lot of great ones.

Another thing to note for future brides is write down every little thing you want on your shot list or contract. The only thing I noted was our family photos and a group shot with my high school girlfriends (I didn't want to be that crazy bridezilla). In my mind, I was sure I'd remember to tell them to snap a candid photo with me and (mom, friend, gma, etc.)... However, the reception flew by and before I knew it, I had forgot to get photos with certain people. Ultimately, I know that the memory of having them there is more important, but I would have loved having those photos.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marathon Monday: The Last LONG Run

Er... Marathon Tuesday?? Last week was a good one. I was set to hit 50 miles, but could feel a cold coming by the end of the week so I backed off a bit. No sense in getting sick now if I can avoid it.                                  

Monday - 7 miles with run group

Tuesday - Rest day, 1 hr "graceful YogaGlo flow"

Wednesday - 5 miles a.m., challenging Lifeforce Fitness class, 3 miles easy afterward

Thursday - 30 min continuous YogaGlo flow, 7 miles along the river post work

Friday - 15 min spinning on the bike trainer, 10 min strength work

Saturday - 45 spinning, 75 min power yoga class {to some amazing music from Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack}. This was one of those classes where I had no concept of how long we'd been flowing. Kira had a really varied flow for us with long holds, easier stretches, forearm handstand work that just kept you on your toes. Plus the music was so epic that I'm going to download the soundtrack. 

Sunday - 21 miles of long run fun; Miles 5 to 17 I focused on staying near MGP {marathon goal pace}, which was definitely a bit of a push, but I did it. The next few miles I eased back a bit and then miles 20 and 21 were 8:10 and 8:16. I sort of surprised myself. And followed it up with 20 min of YogaGlo stretching.

Total miles: 43

Yoga time: 3 hours

Thank goodness I like yoga because without it, my hammies would be even worse for wear. My hamstrings are extremely tight so it's a good reminder that I need to keep the stretching thing in my routine. Ideally, I'd be stretching a few minutes after every run.

Mentally, these last few weeks are when I tend to focus in on pace a bit more. I probably should start before the taper, but it seems like this is always the point at which I think "oh yeah, pace. I want to run this thing fast."

Sunday's long run was interesting because I told myself to try for MGP thinking "It's probably too hard. I doubt I can hold that pace for long." Before I've started I'm already second guessing my abilities. Anywho, it's a lesson that I should switch my thinking to quite the opposite: "I'm so going to nail this pace."

Does anyone else walk the line of sickness when you're training hard? Any positive thinking tricks you instill during hard runs or races?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Much Neglected Tasks

Hey there and happy Sunday to you! I haven't popped in on the weekends lately, but I was really productive yesterday so I wanted to share.

Saturday morning started early with a 4 a.m. wake up call by torrential downpour on our roof. I struggled to fall back to sleep after the monsoon. I was scheduled to run 10 miles today, but with the rain, colder weather and that feeling of a cold coming on, I opted to stay indoors.

I don't always make the smartest decisions during marathon training, but at this point, I reminded myself how many miles I have on these legs. They are trained. Ten miles won't make or break the Chicago Marathon for me. 

Instead, I hopped on my bike trainer for a sweaty 45 min ride while watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead {highly recommend it} on Netflix. Then I raced off to the ever awesome power yoga class with Kira at Lifeforce. Lindsey and I got our coffee and chat on after class, and then I spent the next few hours running errands.

The manfriend was out of town for a work trip this week and was arriving home late last night. As a result, I wanted to have some serious chores checked off my list as today will be dedicated to {hopefully} a 20 miler and then recovering.

I did some of the normal things - grocery shopping, gas, mall, bought dog food, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, and then I did some extra fun AKA much neglected tasks. 

1. Air conditioner - We hadn't taken our AC unit out of our spare bedroom window and it was time to do so with the rain here. Who needs men to lift awkward, heavy things?! A few calls to my dad and that sucker was out of the window. 

2. Shower curtains - You know how grimy your shower curtain liner gets? Well, I always hate buying a new one and putting the old one in the landfill. So today, I put it in the washer on the cold, gentle cycle along with our cloth shower curtain. Surprisingly, it came out good as new!

3. Window curtains - Now this was probably my proudest achievement. We have a large window in the front of the house with curtains that probably hadn't been washed in six years. Because Jonah Bell (our dog) lays right in front of that window, they were pretty dirty. So, I vacuumed the curtains and then carefully took them down. After removing the hooks, I washed each curtain separately on gentle in cold water and dried them a bit on low. They look so clean now! 

It's crazy how much you can get done when you get motivated. I think I spent about 4-5 hours knocking most of these items off my list. Feels so good.

Exciting stuff - we got our professional wedding photos in the mail on Friday! I'm hoping to put a post up sometime this week with some of my favorites.

Random: I really want a pair of cute short boots. This morning I was googling "how to wear ankle boots." File that under a time waste. Eugene is far behind on any fashion trends and tennis shoes tend to be the footwear of choice around here.

Anyone else have a much neglected task you've been avoiding? Are you still having summer weather or have things switched to fall?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bottoms Up Bend!

Warning: the images in this post may cause you to have a strong urge to move to Oregon {if you're not here already}. It's kinda pretty.

I'm not going to say much because well, the photos speak for themselves for the most part. I went a little picture crazy during our few hour hike at Smith Rock. Enjoy!

Motorcycle man?

 Haven't even hiked and I'm already sweating.

 Big rocks. People climb these things. Usually with a rope and harness.

Where's Waldo?

Balancing in crow on uneven rocks and sweaty arms = not easy. 

On top of the world!

Zoomed in. NOW you see what's going on here? #Ballsy

A 'simple' kind of ambulance along the trail. Just another reason you don't want to fall while rock climbing. 


Home to our paddle boarding and running adventures. Deschutes River. Reflection perfection.

And of course, when in Rome Bend, visit as many breweries as possible, before and after hiking, paddle boarding, running, mountain biking, skiing, canoeing, and all that jazz!

And, drink Pub Beer.

Fresh squeeze margaritas aren't bad either. 

Pete and I had an awesome, jam packed weekend. We came back to Eugene exhausted and tired legged, but so happy to get this one last summer adventure under our belts. Because it's clearly fall in Eugene (with a few summery moments sprinkled in). 

Have you had your last summer hurrah? If so, how did you celebrate? Do you have a favorite getaway city? Don't get me wrong, I'm still wearing shorts when the weather allows it. ;)