Much Neglected Tasks

Hey there and happy Sunday to you! I haven't popped in on the weekends lately, but I was really productive yesterday so I wanted to share.

Saturday morning started early with a 4 a.m. wake up call by torrential downpour on our roof. I struggled to fall back to sleep after the monsoon. I was scheduled to run 10 miles today, but with the rain, colder weather and that feeling of a cold coming on, I opted to stay indoors.

I don't always make the smartest decisions during marathon training, but at this point, I reminded myself how many miles I have on these legs. They are trained. Ten miles won't make or break the Chicago Marathon for me. 

Instead, I hopped on my bike trainer for a sweaty 45 min ride while watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead {highly recommend it} on Netflix. Then I raced off to the ever awesome power yoga class with Kira at Lifeforce. Lindsey and I got our coffee and chat on after class, and then I spent the next few hours running errands.

The manfriend was out of town for a work trip this week and was arriving home late last night. As a result, I wanted to have some serious chores checked off my list as today will be dedicated to {hopefully} a 20 miler and then recovering.

I did some of the normal things - grocery shopping, gas, mall, bought dog food, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, and then I did some extra fun AKA much neglected tasks. 

1. Air conditioner - We hadn't taken our AC unit out of our spare bedroom window and it was time to do so with the rain here. Who needs men to lift awkward, heavy things?! A few calls to my dad and that sucker was out of the window. 

2. Shower curtains - You know how grimy your shower curtain liner gets? Well, I always hate buying a new one and putting the old one in the landfill. So today, I put it in the washer on the cold, gentle cycle along with our cloth shower curtain. Surprisingly, it came out good as new!

3. Window curtains - Now this was probably my proudest achievement. We have a large window in the front of the house with curtains that probably hadn't been washed in six years. Because Jonah Bell (our dog) lays right in front of that window, they were pretty dirty. So, I vacuumed the curtains and then carefully took them down. After removing the hooks, I washed each curtain separately on gentle in cold water and dried them a bit on low. They look so clean now! 

It's crazy how much you can get done when you get motivated. I think I spent about 4-5 hours knocking most of these items off my list. Feels so good.

Exciting stuff - we got our professional wedding photos in the mail on Friday! I'm hoping to put a post up sometime this week with some of my favorites.

Random: I really want a pair of cute short boots. This morning I was googling "how to wear ankle boots." File that under a time waste. Eugene is far behind on any fashion trends and tennis shoes tend to be the footwear of choice around here.

Anyone else have a much neglected task you've been avoiding? Are you still having summer weather or have things switched to fall?


Lindsey said…
I hope your long run went well today! Kira's class yesterday was soooo good. Do you remember what movie she said the music was from?

Nice work with all of the chores. I have never tried to wash a shower curtain liner, but I hate throwing them away. I'll have to try it!

I can't wait to see more of your wedding photos.

I'm stuck on the idea of Hunter boots since we were talking about them yesterday. Ankle boots can be so cute, but I would have no idea how to wear them either! Good luck finding some.
Nice photo!

Great job on your list! I have a few things like that where sometimes I just need to get on the ball and do it and then when I do, the things get checked off all at once!

It rained here on Saturday too; it was a real downpour! Today was pretty nice though, so we still haven't hit fall yet, but San Francisco has a pretty nice Indian Summer this time of year.
Love that photo of you two! I can't wait to look through ALL OF THEM! :)

I have not been around much the last 3 weeks but I am in Charlotte this weekend and it's the last weekend I am here for the next 3 weeks so I NEED to do a lot of cleaning and organizing. I go to Minneapolis, then Chicago, come back from Chicago and my mom/sisters/sisters-in-law arrive days later. They are only staying one night with me, but my place needs to be spotless for their arrival!! So I have a list of cleaning to do this weekend that I plan to knock out on Friday night and Saturday because on Sunday I am taking a day trip up to the blue ridge parkway with a co-worker and her boyfriend. So I am telling myself - just be productive Fri/Sat and you can have so much fun on Sunday!
Elizabeth said…
That photo is amazing! Sounds like you were definitely productive. I'm for sure going to try that technique for the shower curtain and liner now, so thanks for sharing :)
I remember the anticipation of getting our professional wedding photos back. Your teaser is beautiful - I bet you have some gems in there!

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