Marathon Monday

Better late then never, 'eh? It still is Monday on the west coast!

Monday - Rest day. Was going to run, but just felt run down and exhausted after the weekend's 20 miler.

Tuesday - 32 min Yogaglo core flow (am), 4.65 miles easyish (pm)

Wednesday - 30 min strength circuit at home (am), 3.75 hilly miles after work past Pre's Rock and along the Ribbon Trail. I had girls night to get to so I fit in what I could before rushing to get out of my sweaty clothes before our potluck style dinner. Exercise > showering/smelling good. Thank goodness for facial wipes, which occasionally serve as my 'shower on the go.' 

Thursday - 6.7 hilly, sweaty miles for our speed workout at Hendricks Park always remind me hills are hard no matter how often you meet the same hill. We basically did 6 loops of a paved hill that is decently steep and about 1/4 mile long and then you get a 1/4 mile down the back side (recovery).

Friday - 15 min easy run, 20 min sweaty strength circuit + packing, errands, and driving to Portland. 

Friday night we stayed with my brother and his wife in Portland. Then 6 am Saturday morning, we were on the road headed to my grandparents' cabin on the Puget Sound. It's another three hour drive from Portland, so it was nice to get an early start and be there in time to enjoy almost the entire day. I'll share more about our weekend later this week.

Saturday - 6.13 miles at the cabin in the heat with several hills in there. On the schedule this was supposed to be a 'marathon pace' run, but with the hills, heat and long drive, my legs were moving more like 9:00 pace. The manfriend opted to keep napping, while I ran. Smart man. 

Sunday - 11 mile trail run at Banner Forest Heritage Park, floating on an air mattress. My grandparents' neighbors suggested Banner Forest as a good place for us to run long. Being out in an area surrounded by water, hills are prevalent and running paths are hard to come by. As this was a step back week for us, we were supposed to do a 12 miler. But after getting a late start and having a lunch date with my grandparents, 11 miles of hilly trail seemed more than sufficient. While more challenging than I would have liked, I love checking out new trails. 

Per the usual, I'm feeling pretty run down a day after our long run. For whatever reason, my body and I do not agree on how we should handle recovery from those things.

Total miles: 34

This weekend definitely reminded me how much you really HAVE to prioritize marathon training when life gets in the way. Sure, we could have just run short, but it feels good to have stuck with the plan AND have explored a new trail.

My Brooks Adrenalines are on their last leg, having been through 400+ miles, and I'm definitely feeling it. This is the point where I often try to make them last just a few more weeks by rotating in other old pairs, but I know I'll need a fresh pair prior to the marathon anyway. Time to bite the bullet!

How did you spend your labor day weekend?


I am glad you got away to your grandparents cabin on the sound. The picture you posted yesterday morning on facebook was stunning. I bet that you guys had the best weekend there. Nice work on another strong week of training! It is tough to fit it all in at times, I remember feeling that way last year when I was traveling so much for work, but you are doing a great job of balancing it all.

My labor day weekend was incredibly relaxing. I got a massage, spent a decent amount of time pool-side, read 2 books, had multiple video chats/face time dates with faraway friends, and took it really easy. I felt a little bit guilty but also know it's just what my body needs.

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