Marathon Monday: The Countdown

Just four weeks to go until the Chicago Marathon and things are going well. For these next few weeks, I'd like to really focus on pace during specific runs. It's nice to practice running MGP (marathon goal pace) and just feel it in your bones as you're going along. Sometimes I'm better than others at predicting my pace.

Monday - Short am strength, 3.5 miles with Lindsey. Fun to chat, warm, tired from the weekend's 21 & 10 milers. Picked up a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines in purple and green, which remind me of Ninja Turtles.

Tuesday - Rest day, bike commute to work, YogaGlo flow. Biking to work doesn't seem like the smartest thing on a rest day, but it's much easier because I don't have to haul a bunch of workout clothes with me. Plus, the cross training and ability to destress on the commute are bonuses. 

Wednesday - Daily double: 5.4 and 5.5 am and pm miles + strength circuit. Met up with Emily for an easy run on Pre's Trail.

Thursday - am YogaGlo flow, SPEED work = warm up, 6  x 1000m w/ 200m of each 1000m hard, cool down.

Friday - 20 min sweaty strength blast (workout I made up: 10 burpees and then 5 burpees on the minute every minute and in between squats, bent over rows, fly, deadlift, plank, straight leg toe touch abs, etc), post work Barre3 class.

Saturday - 4 mile hike, paddle boarding. We headed to Bend (where we got married) for the weekend so it was an early morning. Exercise included 4 miles of hiking a decently hilly loop around Smith Rock, while watching rock climbers do crazy things. After refueling, we rented paddle boards for the first time and enjoyed paddling and floating on the Deschutes River. 

Unreal views all around

This rock is called Monkey Face. Can you see it?

Sunday - 16.5 mile run in Bend. Pete will be busy with work stuff next weekend when we're schedule to run another 20 miles, so he wanted to do it this weekend. This run was hard with it being a little hilly and at elevation (3600 ft) whereas Eugene is sea level. Pete did 20, I was good with 16. 

Deschutes River Trail

We even ran out to our wedding site, Aspen Hall as it is about four miles from Bend. 

Total miles: 37

While I had wanted to run on Saturday, we definitely got enough activity in to warrant not running. So while I don't often take two days off in a row from running, I know it can be good for my joints as well as my sanity to not live by a training plan.

Other than running? I've been working a lot on my handstand at home. I'm slowly moving further and further away from the wall so I don't rely on it to be there. This weekend I even practiced in the grass with no wall around. It's definitely a matter of trust and learning your balance point.

Our Bend weekend felt like our last summer hurrah as life is getting busier and the weather in Eugene is slowly turning to fall. Conveniently, I'm also getting the itch to dig out the jeans and sweatshirts and just be cozy.

How was your weekend?


Leigh said…
Your pictures are so pretty! And nice job to the both of you for getting your long run in. So you usually run Saturday and Sunday?
Those pictures are beautiful. I really want to visit the Bend area some day. And I need to see Eugene, too, as I'd love to run some of pre's trails with you!

I can't wait to cheer you on in Chicago. I think I might know 12+ people running it so I will have lots of people to cheer on! Can't wait.
Amber said…
Is it really only 4 weeks away??? Ahh! I don't feel ready. haha

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