Notice. Honor it. Slow the heck down.

Thursday as I finished work and headed to change into my running clothes, I noticed how much my brain hurt. Youch! It got me thinking about the things that make us tired and the things we think make us tired.

For example, I never used to think running really made me tired... until I trained for a marathon. Hello naptime on weekends and decent bedtime always, I need you.

Work can be... well challenging, rewarding and stressful. Enough said. I'm tired just thinking about it.

And then I thought about wedding planning. At first, I wouldn't think it to be "tiring," but if I'm spending a few hours in a day researching and contacting vendors or even debating colors, invitations or whatever, it takes a lot of energy.

Oh and then there's the whole school thing. From focusing on a lecture, trying to understand said lecture and then spending a little time studying, the brain is just about zapped. While I want to be doing it and I signed up for it, it's a real challenge.

So, mix all of those fun things together and you've got one tired chica.

My point here is not to get a bunch of "oh you must be so tired"s, but rather to point out that once in a while it's good to notice how much you're doing. Honor it. And slow the heck down when you can.

Speaking of which (hint of sarcasm)...

Last night I ran a little 5K as part of the Oregon Track Club Thurs night series (free for members, $5 for non). Let me tell you, I am not in 5K shape, but because it was our speed group workout, I did it. This should make Saturday's Lucky Clover 10K interesting...  {Finished the 5K in 22:15}

Speaking of which, I'm actually excited for it even if it's going to be a tough race. Lucky Clover takes place in Dorris Ranch, one of my favorite spots to run a few miles. For the 10K, you get to choose whether you want to run the 5K road or 5K trail portion first. Which would you do first? I still haven't decided.

Happy Friday to you! What surprising thing makes you extra tired? 


Luna said…
mmm...I'd say that planning for and actually doing all stuff home realted (chores:cleaning, cooking, ironing, bla bla bleah) stresses me out and I get tired from it.And not sleeping enough...or is that a consequence? :) I don't know what I would do first-road or trail; I'm running my first trail race tomorrow, and my first ultra, and I keep thinking about your posts about the trail ultra you ran :)
Amber said…
Yes yes yes! All that stuff can be so draining. It's important to find the balance between DOING and RELAXING! Make sure you slow down and take care of yourself lady!
I sleep so much when I am training for a marathon. More so this time around because crossfit kicks my butt also. This marathon training cycle has definitely been the hardest on me both mentally and physically. My old fitness level is not quite there, but the workouts are essentially the same. This time last year these workouts felt easy! Why do they feel so hard now?

PS- a 22:15 5K is awesome!
Marathon training definitely made me extra tired and I really made myself try to get 7-8 hours of sleep, ideally 8.

What has been exhausting me lately honestly trying to see everyone before I move. It's fun to see people, but I just feel like I go from one thing to the next. Like on Friday I had lunch with a friend, coffee with another friend, and went to a HH for another friend. I also studied, ran, and did a good will drop on top of all of that, so the day just felt like I was going non-stop.

I also am exhausted by talking about my move. It's emotional and not really my favorite subject and I know I need to keep people informed and answer their questions but I am kind of talked out lately...
Randall Cogburn said…
22:15 that's not bad. getting it below 7 per mile now thats way cool. When I ran my first 25k it was in a forest up and down hills, roots, water, mud lol averaged 8per mile and loved every minute of it unfortunately it was also my last race. From then on I started to have foot pain. I was addicted to running and miss it. Make sure you take it easy which is the hardest thing to do. It's your posture that gets you and how fast you ramp up your running and how well you recoop. I ramped up my running from 5k's to 25k in under three months. Ouch.. lol Still paying for it. Happy running!!


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