Boston Simulator

Well, I'm happy to say my left leg survived yesterday's Boston Simulator run! Sure, I didn't feel like Prefontaine, but I ran slow, laughed with friends and knocked out 13.7 hilly country miles. 

Pre race hanging out at Lonn's house. Lonn is the amazing host of this run and the Over the River and Through the Woods 10K each year. He and his family are complete saints to let 50+ sweaty runners take over their house, not to mention, cook amazing food for us! 

We hopped on the "bus" bound for Hopinkton (not really, but kinda) at 8 a.m. and barreled down the hill to the start line.

Two "buses" of runners unload

Final course instructions were given for 8, 10, 13, 15, 18 and 20 mile alternatives before we ALL sung the national anthem in unison. 

And we were off! A few of us opted to run ~13 miles slow. I tried to remind myself to just take it easy. No reason to push the pace. 

The other awesome thing about this run? Lonn sets up legitimate aid stations with people manning them, food (Picky Bars and gels), Gatorade and water. 

I finished with 13.7 on the watch, while a few speed demons finished their 20 milers at the same time. Womp, womp...

When we got back to the house, lots of Boston inspired food awaited us, including: homemade Boston cream pies, sweet potato pie, baked beans, clam chowder, bacon and Boston lager!

The view from their back patio isn't too bad either...

During the run yesterday, I kept thinking how lucky I am to be part of this amazing running community. If we ever leave Eugene, it's going to be hard to find a group to top this one. 

Overall, the leg muscles and joints are a little sore from the run, but not bad. This morning I did a short spin session, yoga stretches and PT exercises (hip strengthening stuff) at home to let things recover. 

Yesterday, we cranked out several big wedding tasks - purchased Pete's suit, looked at wedding bands and a little registry stuff. This took a lot of weight off my shoulders to get a few more big things done. Okay, gotta jet. We're off to a coffee shop to do more wedding planning! 

How was your weekend? How's the weather where you are? We're having a surprisingly sunny weekend, which I love. 


Denise said…
That view is amazing! I'm referring to the view of the Boston Cream Pie! Although the back yard view is pretty as well!
Leigh said…
That is awesome that you have such a great running committee! I'd love to be part of something like that. My weekend was good...Saturday was gorgeous luckily for my 12 mile run, and then it puked down the snow today. So much snow!
That looks like so much fun! I love the running community! And those Boston Creme Pies! YUM!
That looks like such a fun event. I remember you talking about this last year, too. The spread of food looks/sounds awesome! I love that it had a Boston theme! I am really going to miss my running community when I move. I have made so many friends and the coaches have pushed me in the right way and I definitely credit them for my PRs.

Yea for checking some things off the wedding planning list!
J said…
Awesome! Sounds a lot like my running group. I often worry about having to leave the area only because I don't think i could find as good of a running club/group to be a part of. Sounds like a great weekend!
You are lucky to have such a fantastic running community in Eugene. Wish that more cities had groups like you have.

Congrats on getting some wedding tasks checked off of your list. Isn't it such a great feeling?!

I was in Seattle all weekend so it was a nice change of pace. Spring was in the air over there. Hopefully it comes to Spokane soon! I am ready for warmer weather.
Amber said…
That is such a cool event! I have lots of different groups of running friends but not really one big community like this. Very awesome those people open up their home like that!!
Raina said…
What a great time!! I saw some of the pics posted to facebook and instantly realized I had missed this awesome event. Going to plan on being there next year for sure!! Looks like a great time. :) Did you jump in the creek afterwards?

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