Slice of Luxury

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that you just don't want to leave? Well, this week I was in Central Oregon for a work event and had the chance to stay at a fairly new boutique hotel in downtown Bend, OR. 

The Oxford is perfectly located in the heart of downtown in the midst of unique shops, restaurants, spas, you name it. 

Proof that occasionally, I swap the Danskos for high heels

A few things really struck me about The Oxford:

1. They're all about being green whenever they can, from full sized eco bath products to organic/natural fiber bedding, low flow faucets, etc. 

2. The interior design of the building from the hallways to the lobby to the bedroom, everything was chosen particularly for it's place. And the branch them was carried out through the decorations, lamps, couch pillows, etc. 

3. While it was by far the nicest hotel I've stayed in, it felt like home - relaxing, comfortable and cozy. 

4. After my event and dinner, I returned to my room with the tv set to a crackling fire (where I kept it for a few hrs) along with tomorrow's forecast and locally made peppermint dark chocolate on my pillow. The little things really do go a long way.

For these reasons alone, I declared that even I would be willing to spend my extra hard earned money on a room at The Oxford in the future as the amenities were totally worth it. 

Because I was in Bend, OR for less than 24 hrs, I was sure to spend my time wisely. This place can be described as a laid back ski town with lots of well to do outdoorsy types and it's fun to pretend you live there - if not for just a matter of hours. 

Despite my amazingly comfortable bed, I didn't sleep much and was up at the crack of dawn so I hit up a local yoga class at Namaspa for some warm (90 deg) power yoga. After an awesome class, I headed out for an easy 3.5 mile jaunt around town, appreciating all the craftsman style homes. 

And finally, after showering I headed out for breakfast at the Alpenglow Cafe.

I never regret researching restaurants in other cities. This one was rated highly and my bacon egg sandwich, potatoes and fresh squeezed OJ were just what the doctor ordered.

And with that, I'm off to run a 5K! I'm heading back to the King Estate (hilly) 5K with Lindsey. The plan is to take it easy. After all, the marathon is just a week away... 

I hope your weekend is treating you well. For me, fitting in two yoga classes (Fri & Sat) is what I'm most thankful for. It has helped me find a place of peace (and lengthening) in the midst of my ever crazy-busy schedule. 

I really need to start booking blocks of time NOT to do anything.


I hear you on needing to block time to NOT do anything. Yesterday was crazy for me... I ran 10 miles, then studied for 6 hours, then dashed off to church, then went to a friend's house to make dinner for her and another girlfriend. So today - I have no commitments after I wrap up studying and i can't wait!

Sounds like a great little work trip! That hotel looks so nice! I think the nicest place I've stayed is probably the 4 seasons in Austin, TX for work. I was barely there, though, as we had a packed schedule, but I did squeeze in a run by the lake, and enjoyed the comfy bed. :)
Wow - Bend just got added to the travel bucket-list! I think hotel amenities are worth a splurge, especially if it's in a beautiful place like that. I didn't want to leave our Hawaii oasis at ALL - coming back to DC in November was a little rough after that ;)
Wow what an awesome hotel! You really did use your time in Bend to the fullest.

I'm torn on staying in nice hotels. Sometimes it's fun to splurge but half the time we're not even IN our room at all anyways so I wonder if it's worth it!
I think setting a block of time NOT to do anything is a great idea! We often get caught up scheduling everything and we forget to schedule down time!

My friends have a house in Sisters and I may go spend some time with them this summer. I am really looking forward to it! That area is beautiful!
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