Exploring the Wharf

When we planned this trip to head down to San Francisco for Sabrina's bridal shower, I had my heart set on doing one thing (in addition to the shower). We needed to find some time to spend time sightseeing along the wharf.

I've been to SF several times before and wanted to show my mom and grandma the Ferry Building because it's just so pretty inside and has some great shops and food. 

Sunday morning, I did a nice easy 4.5 mile run near our hotel (mom & grams walked), had breakfast and  were on our merry way. 

Winding our way down Lombard St (the most crooked street in the world, apparently)

Soon enough, we were parked and ready to explore the wharf. It's kind of like Disneyland - bright colors and lots of cute little touristy shops and restaurants to tempt you with scents wafting out from every doorway. 

Sea salt anyone? I was tempted...

Then we took the mile hike past several of the piers headed straight for the Ferry Building.

Spotted some gerbera daisies along the way

Once we made it to the Ferry Building, we spent an hour or so browsing every little shop, nook and cranny. So many cute and delicious things to tempt you!

I dropped $20 on three types of cheese at Cowgirl Creamery - so worth it. I'm still munching/hoarding my little cheese slices. 

Ginger molasses cookie (and coffee) from Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

 Love the open air feel of this space!

Until next time, Ferry Building...

We spent about two hours along the piers Sunday morning, but it was just enough. After our trek back to the car, we high tailed it to the airport for our flight back to Oregon.

I'm so glad we lucked out with a weekend full of sun in the bay area!

P.S. For those not from the bay area, I was informed by a friend that locals do NOT call it "San Fran," but rather "SF, the city or just San Francisco." Now you (and I) know.  :)


Haha well since I'm not a local I will continue to call it San Fran I guess ;)

Looks like an awesome weekend! Definitely on my list of places to visit. Actually I'm hoping in the next year or two that Eric and I will take a road trip down the Oregon coast to SF as a vacation!!
Raina said…
Looks like a great trip! The sea salt would tempt me too :)

Glad you got some great weather and time with your mom and grams.
Trisha said…
Ha! All of my friends from the Bay area make fun of me for calling it San Fran. I try SO hard to call it "the city" like they do but since I'm living here in Wisco, how on EARTH would they know what city I'm talking about?! :)
I have never been to San Francisco, but would love to visit some day. And I know I will because Kyria lives in the area and she has offered to be my personal tour guide. :) Looks like a fun city - and that sea salt is intriguing to me!
I like the Ferry Building! Was it Saturday? Was the Farmer's Market going on behind it? Did you go check out the view of the Bay Bridge from the back? I do love the Cowgirl Creamery but think that I have never gotten out of there without spending $30. And that's on a few tiny pieces of cheese! They sure are good though.

Yes, it is NOT San Fran. Nor is it "Frisco". Even SF is pushing it.
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