Easter Weekend Marathon

I love that you guys enjoyed that last post. Sometimes you just get inspired to speak from the heart. And other days, you feel so busy and stressed you can't bare to open your computer at night so you just read a book. 

I thought I'd update you on Easter weekend. It was a busy one!

Long Run Saturday
Saturday marked my longest training run for Eugene! Woot woot! I ran with a group who does this underground Easter marathon every year. I opted to run just 22 miles as I didn't see a need to push my luck.

And boy was it a beautiful day for it. Temps were in the 40s and I ran most of the way with two other women who were running a similar pace.

The miles flew by chatting away - just slightly different than when I run alone and look at my watch approximately every 5 minutes during a 3 hour run.

I felt really strong the entire run (probably because I ran a bit slower than I would have on my own) and was even able to speed up the last few miles. The run was followed by an ice bath, foam rolling and non stop eating.

Easter Sunday
Normally, I celebrate with my family, but we opted to do our own thing this year. That involved waking up at 6 am to watch the Paris Roubaix (professional cycling)... yeah, we're crazy.

And then I got to work on the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.

After about 4 hrs (yeah, seriously) of making the dough, letting it rise, adding butter, sugar and cinnamon and then baking the things, we finally had trays of finger licking cinnamon rolls in our kitchen. 

*I tried as hard as I could to make these things legit the way the Pioneer Woman instructs, but seriously, I could not pour even HALF the amount of butter on the dough as she suggests. Same with the sugar. I would have had butter and sugar pouring off our tiny countertops. I also used 2% rather than whole milk - shhh...don't tell the manfriend. 

Finally, I forced us out of the house for a little hike. Little did I know that we'd meet snow before we even got to the trailhead at Mt. June. 

One moment we're in 60 degree sunny weather, the next we find snow on the ground! 

It wasn't exactly what we had in mind so we turned around for the sake of the Corolla and found a short little 1/2 mile up hike where we got a bit of a view of the valley below. 

Naturally, for 1 mile of hiking you need a 20 lb backpack...

Checking out the geological survey marker...

We headed home shortly after our "hike" and I took a nap in the sun - glorious. I then convinced the manfriend to take a bike ride.

What he thought was a spin to the end of the bike path (8 miles roundtrip) turned into a 27 mile spin to the nearby lake.

After looking at all of this, it's no wonder I woke up on Monday morning feeling like a) death b) like I needed 5 gallons of coffee and c) like I wanted to go back to sleep for another 8 hrs.

Is anyone else still recovering from the weekend? 


I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes! Except I totally agree with you on altering some of her more fattening parts. I made her mac n cheese and used almond milk and it's just as good.

I ran a trail race on Saturday, hung out with the fam and had a Sunday run and brunch with a friend. It was a great weekend!
Raquelita said…
Those cinnamon rolls look so good! My husband and I flew to Toronto on Friday and spent 48 hours there so that we could do the first two nights of Passover with his family. It was a really quick trip and nice to get away and not spend much of the weekend working for a change.
I have heard that some of the pioneer woman recipes are over-the-top on the butter and such! Sounds like you made some good modifications - they look delicious! And it was nice that you were so active this weekend as that means guilt free eating! :)

My weekend was good, but it also wore me out. I got together with a friend Fri night, ran w/ my club on Sat am (for a hilly long run), studied, and then headed to my parents cabin. It was very relaxing once I got there and I Had a great time, but i was exhausted on Monday and still yesterday. What I really need is a completely plan free weekend!
missris said…
Wow sounds like you guys were very active! You definitely earned those cinnamon rolls :)
J said…
Wow workouts! You totally killed your Easter weekend with lots to do! My Easter was not as busy but I also woke up Monday feeling tired and grumpy. It felt like I didn't even have a weekend at all since we were away from home for most of it.
Whoa busy busy and with lots of activity! Good for you guys! Sounds similar to my weekend. I was also exhausted yesterday morning!

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