McKenzie River Half Meets Long Run

While 13 miles is already a pretty hefty run on it's own, in marathon training land, you've got to hit the 20 mile mark to really feel like you're prepared for race day. 

About a month ago, I signed up for the McKenzie River Half (an inaugural race) thinking it would be a fun race, beautiful course and make a training run go much faster. 

I woke up at 6 am, had some cereal and tea and then drove to the park where the race would finish with my little long run plan. 

Hello, my name is Lauren and I like purple just a bit...

My plan: Park at the finish at 7:30 am, run the 5.5 miles to the start line of the race nice and easy (~9 min pace) and be ready to race by 9 am. 

And that's pretty much what happened! I arrived at the start area around 8:35, ate a mini blueberry larabar, used the bathroom and found Lindsey. We jogged another .5 mile or so and then it was time for the race to start. 

The first few miles weaved through the flat neighborhoods in Springfield and out to Old Mohawk Dr and finally on to McKenzie River View where the small hills began. 

Somewhere around this point we caught a few glimpses of the manfriend who opted to ride his single speed out to the course while his other road bike was in the shop. 

Photo courtesy of Sonny, Lindsey's boyfriend

McKenzie View is a favorite of cyclists - one I even frequent when I actually get my rear on my bike. It's great because it's scenic, has a few small rollers and is close to town. 

By the 8 mile marker (14 miles on these legs), I was really feeling it. I had a few moments of "whoa, I need to stop and walk." But Lindsey and I had stayed together the whole time so it motivated me to just keep the legs moving!

Even on tired legs, we were clocking 7:56-8:15 min miles.

I was so happy to see this bridge and the sign for mile 12. Just one final torturous mile into the park before the finish line!

Aaaand done! According to results, we finished in 1:47:18, which we were both happy with and took 1st and 2nd places in our age group. Thank you, small race. It's likely I will never again receive a prize for placing in my age group. 

Just after our finish, we parted ways and I finished the long run off with 2 slow miles around the park to make it 21 miles total for the day! Long run done. 

On the drive home, I quickly consumed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the second half of this bag of rice chips. These things are amazing! If you haven't tried them, you need to. SO crunchy!

Now where did that weekend GO? I feel like I blinked and Monday is here again. 


Leigh said…
Congrats on an awesome half time! Especially as you were using it for your long run!
Holy crap lady, ditto what Leigh said, way to go on such a killer half despite the fact that you had already tagged on miles beforehand! I did 20 miles yesterday too and it went fairly well!
abbi said…
Quite impressive for a half in the middle of a long run!
Lindsey said…
I can't believe how many miles you ran yesterday! Thanks for keeping me going in my first half marathon!
Holy smokes - I echo what the others said - nice work on your long run!

You introduced me to those chips on our Victoria trip but I have not bought them since because i feel like I would probably eat the whole bag in a sitting!!
Lisa - you need a bag of these. Go get some! I'm sure you could ration them out into little baggies or something? Or just eat half the bag like I did after a long run. I bought them specifically as my treat for the race.
You know you're a crazy marathon runner when... you run 6 miles before your half marathon. ;) Nice job!
Wow, that is a great time! Especially since you ran 5.5 miles beforehand!

I love all your pictures. Are those ones on the bridge taken by you guys while you were running? And still managing to get 1:47 finish!?

I have gotten those chips TWICE as race swag and still haven't tried them. I have two flavors just chilling in my cupboard. Maybe I will open them someday!
amanporter said…
Great training! Looks like you've got that next marathon in the bag...
Ricole Runs said…
Whoa!! Such a speedy half marathon time for the END of 21 miles! AND you did 21 miles! Congrats! You are ready!
J said…
AWESOME long run/Half marathon! That is so awesome! Congrats on the AG award - you totally rocked it!
Anonymous said…
Emeril Lagasse says to put all chips in the freezer before eating! I wonder... Another great race - sorry I missed it. mom
Wow, you never cease to amazing me! Awesome job and congrats on the 1/2 time and completing your long run!
Whew! Nice run! I always find it hardest to tack on mileage at the end - those 2 miles seem like they would've been the toughest, mentally. :) Box: checked! How long 'til the marathon?
Crossfit said…
Love those pics, that was a great job well done and looking forward always for more updates. Thanks for sharing and Congratulations !

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