Week of Good Eats

As of this week, I feel like my meal planning game is back. It helps that we stocked up on groceries while I already had a few menu items in my head. 

What we've enjoyed this week:

Monday - Pulled pork straight from the crock pot w/ a little BBQ sauce on whole wheat bread & a side of broccoli

Pork shoulder was cooked on low in the crock pot for about 9 hours with a dry rub (salt, pepper, cayenne, cumin, paprika, brown sugar) and 1 cup water and 1/4 cup balsamic. After tossing the fatty meat, add BBQ sauce to the good stuff until it tastes just right. 

Tuesday - Leftover pulled pork flat out wrap pizzas 
Flat out wraps make some great, light pizzas when you want the taste of pizza, but don't have the time or don't want to have all that crust.

Wednesday - Annie's pasta with roasted broccoli, sweet potato and frozen peas mixed in

 Wednesday dessert - shared chocolate mousse cake w/ strawberries from Sweet Life Patisserie

Thursday - Pre made and cooked (Wed night) lasagna 

Looking back on it, this week has been pretty meat and cheesy, but I figure it will all balance out. Some weeks we'll eat pretty boring and healthy meals and others might be a little more deluxe and heavy. Luckily, I think we're doing pretty well on the sweat side so there's not much to worry about.

A note on pizza: Over the past few years as we've made more of our own pizzas than we've purchased, I realize I like less and less cheese to give other toppings their chance to flavor pop in my mouth. Goat cheese is also a nice alternative because it has a strong taste, but you don't need to use a ton of it.

From here, I'd like to branch out beyond the recipes I have in my head and really utilize my cookbooks more. Always easier said than done...

Happy Thursday! 


Jessica J said…
Wow, everything looks so good! Do you have a recipe for that pasta dish? I would love to try that.
missris said…
In the past few years I've gotten really into making pizza at home, and customizing it so it's a much healthier meal. I make my own whole wheat crust and sauce, and LOAD up on the vegetables. It's almost a completely different product than the pizza you can get in restaurants. And it's delicious!
Britton said…
These meals look delicious!! Way to go on your meal planning! I try too but it can be so hard to plan ahead of time!! It is hard to plan what to cook for just two people also! Hello tons of leftovers! I think we are having homemade pizza tonight!! :)
Looks great!!! I've been really bad for meal planning and cooking this last week. I had cereal for dinner two nights in a row. Haha!

I LOVE goat cheese on a pizza. Sadly Eric HATES goat cheese so I usually have to make two separate pizza's if I'm going to add it ;)
Raina said…
Your eats look so good!

I love pulled pork and make most of my own crusts. Feta is delicious on pizza. YUM!!
The creativity here is that you stretched a few staple ingredients into multiple meals! That's the best kind of budgeting + meal planning tactic. ;) Most weeks our meals tend to follow some sort of theme, too, based on the staples that we pick up.
Yum! Looks delicious. I have been on a steady diet of soup and yogurt for the last week. I am starting to get my sense of taste back, so am hoping to start eating some normal foods this weekend!
Ricole said…
I need to try Flat Out pizzas because I do love me some pizza. And that cake looks DELISH. Was it as wonderful as it looks? The best thing you've ever had?!
Pulled Pork is my favorite! Although, I can't cook to save my life so here's to buying it.
siri said…
Pulled pork 4eva! Next time try adding a bottle of beer in place of the water. So good!
raulgonemobile said…
I love your food stuff. I do like a good pulled pork, just wish I could get my wife to eat it. lol

If you're interested, I tagged you..
Lindsey said…
Yum! All your meals look great. I like how you made pork one night and then used the leftovers on your pizza. I'm so bad about planning meals that use the same ingredients throughout the week.

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