Friday Randoms

1. I keep forgetting that I'm sort of in the midst of a marathon training schedule. I guess that happens when you've run them just a few times... Well that and the fact that I'm focusing on my shorter goal of finishing this 25K trail race in February before really tackling those road miles.

2. With so many people doing the Jamie Eason's Live Fit training plan right now, it really has me wanting to try it after the Eugene Marathon. I'm not usually one to try certain fitness plans, but I'm intrigued.

3. Work has me so busy and a bit stressed that I almost didn't go to last night's speed workout. My blood pressure was feeling high, but I knew that as overwhelmed as I felt, I needed that run.

I may have seemed a bit out of it and non social to the group, but sometimes you have to work out your issues in the midst of others and a hard workout.

Last night's speed work: warm up, 3 sets of 4 x 400m @ 5k pace...but wait, it gets interesting! In between each 400m, we had to do the following workouts - 400m, push ups, 400m, walking lunges, 400m, mountain climbers, 400m and burpees! Ugh. And finally a cool down.  I was spent.

4. I still have Christmasy nail polish (red w/ sparkles) on my toes. This needs to change in the very near future. Holidays = over.

5. I don't know how people keep their houses clean and organized in addition to working full time, exercising, volunteering, etc. Mopping, dusting and vacuuming are near the bottom of my priority list most days.

What are your random thoughts right now?

Happy happy weekend!


Training for trail races is so much different from training for road races! You are going to have fun with the trail race, and then you can focus on the marathon! Sometimes it's good to just take it one week (or race) at a time!
Lauren it's like you took the words right out of my mouth!! I am planning to do the LiveFit trainer program after my marathon in May!! I think it will be a good way to ensure I take a nice long recovery from running since you're not supposed to do cardio for the first 30 days (from what I've read) and will give me a good way to tone up for that white dress I will be wearing two months later!!

When is Eugene again? Would be fun if we were doing the livefit program around the same time!
I haven't heard of the Livefit program! Very intriguing... maybe I will look into that after my fall marathon (still haven't decided on a race, but am leaning towards DC).

My random thought is that I am glad I am close to feeling like myself again. Recovery wore me out and I have spent alot of time alone in my condo - too much. Looking forward to working a full week next week!
Raquelita said…
I"m sorry to hear things are stressful at work! I hope that they are going more smoothly quickly!

My spouse only works part-time these days so he does most of the house cleaning.
Anonymous said…
That sounds like a great speed workout! You're lucky to have a group to meet - always makes me get out there when I don't want to.
Anonymous said…
also totally recommend one of essie's winter colors for your next pedi...
Aw, girl, sorry to hear that work has got that blood pumping. Not usually a good thing...

I had never heard of the "Jamie Eason" workout. Hah, out of the loop? Hm.

Mopping, vaccuuming and dusting are almost always at the bottom of my list, no matter what the season. I keep the kitchen & bathroom clean, we make the bed and I do laundry + dishes regularly. Ha, but um, those first three are never a priority. :p
Lindsey said…
I have been really busy at work again too. Sometimes it's so hard to workout, but I always feel so much better after I do. And more productive!

My random thought: I just saw a ton of bikes ride by my house. I'm just about to get on my trainer for a ride. I feel really lame. But at the same time I have no desire to ride outside yet. I need some warm weather!

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