Last Long Run + Pumpkin Donuts

This morning I conquered the final long run in this training plan!

I did a 20 minute strength session before heading out to run. By the time I headed out the door, the rain started falling so I grabbed a hat at the last minute. Good thing I did because by mile 3, I was totally drenched.

I brought this Gu Rocktane with me for midrun fuel - a freebie I snagged at the McKenzie River 50K.

I finished the run with an 8:25 min/mi average, which is pretty speedy for my longer runs these days. This run was all about getting my mind focused for the marathon and I felt I did a good job at that. I just need to make sure I reign it in on race day so I don't go out too fast and lose steam early on!

My right hip has been hurting the last few weeks (front, side and back of the hip) with every step of my runs. Today, it was a pain from the very start until mile 7 or so when it started hurting a little less (or maybe I was just too wet and close to done to care).

One thing I knew for sure was that I needed a serious stretch and foam roll afterward.

After taking a warm (I nixed the ice bath today) epsom salt bath, I spent about 20 minutes foam rolling, stretching and using a ball to try to release some of the tension in my hip and hamstring.

If you ever have some deep, nagging tightness, using a ball can really help get pressure on parts you can't get with a foam roller. It's almost like your personal deep tissue massage.

This is a lacrosse ball (I played in college), but a lot of people use tennis balls. I like the lacrosse ball because it's much harder so I can get more pressure. I've also heard good things about the trigger point foam roller from Aron.

Now that it's officially October, I made my first pumpkin recipe of the season! I found the recipe by following the link on a photo I saw on Pinterest of Pumpkin Donuts w/ cinnamon sugar on top.

No photos were taken, but you seriously need to make them. I made mine in a regular size donut pan and they came out huge, but I'd love to get a mini donut pan as these would be the perfect bite size treat.

Did anyone else buy their first cans of pumpkin or pick up any fun fall decorations or foods this weekend?


I hope that the stretching helped and that your hip feels good on race day!!

I did not buy any pumpkin or fall decorations! I am actually not a huge fan of pumpkin! I am in the minority on this, I know. I love pumpkin spice lattes, but besides that I am kind of 'meh' when it comes to things made with pumpkin - except when savory dishes use fresh pumpkin as it tastes alot like squash! Yum!
Looks like a lot of us have had rainy runs lately! Must be a wet Fall all around.

I'm holding out on pumpkin and squash, we were burned out too early last year ;)
Hope your hip feels better ASAP!!!

I still have a few cans of pumpkin left over from last year. Whoops! But I haven't broken them open yet!
Here's hoping your hip heals for your marathon! The warm bath was probably a good idea. I'm not a huge fan of ice myself, as it restricts blood flow: good if you want to prevent inflammation, but bad if you want to bring glucose and other nutrients to muscles that need to recover. I think you did right to listen to your body.
Lindsey said…
Exciting that your race is this weekend! Those donuts look delish. I haven't purchased any cans of pumpkin yet but I'm sure it's going to happen soon!
Linz said…
Hey, Nice Deck!!

Yes, I love using a ball to roll my front hip creases, bottoms of my feet, and butt muscles - all the places the foam roller doesn't go deep enough!

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