Not a Shorts Day

You know those mornings when you have just enough time to do something? Well, that's just fine by me because something is what keeps me sane. I need my sweat and I'm fine with that.

Getting in 20-30 minutes of yoga, running or strength in the morning starts my day off right and allows me to okay if I miss my workout later in the day.
Well, this morning, with just 20 minutes or so to spare before getting ready for work, I busted out for a run in shorts.

BRRR! Today was NOT a shorts day, but I survived. I think it was in the low 40's? What's normally a slow going warm up mile was an 8:03 pace thanks to the cold air nipping at my legs.

The last mile or so was done with Jonah Bell. She likes to run, but can't run steadily for 30 minutes anymore like she used to.

And just like that, I got a little run done. If I find a spare half hour later in the day, I'll be tempted to do a few more miles, but 3.5 mi is enough to keep me happy.

Okay, off to work for a few hours before my long weekend begins. Happy Thursday!


Lindsey said…
It's so cold this morning! Enjoy your weekend with the family!
Lisa said…
It was 40 degrees this morning in our neck of the woods! What the heck???
You probably had similar weather to me this morning. I busted out running tights and a long sleeved shirt after taking the dog out to pee and realizing how cold it was! Brr!

I like your philosophy of fitting something, anything in in the mornings for 20-30 minutes actually. I think I would be more successful with strength training if I looked at it that way...
J said…
AHH low 40s :( that is no good! I am not ready for that cold of temps!
Britton said…
Wow, low 40's! It is still in the 90's for me! I did get a break this morning and it was about 67 at 6am when I laced up my running shoes! Great run!!
Whoah, so jealous. I am dripping in shorts and a running bra at ten pm. So scared to run a half mari this Sunday in such heat.
I wish our weather could meet in the middle. I am chilling for a bit before doing my speed work out. It's 93 today and VERY humid. Not excited about this at all. I want cooler temps. Like if it would be 50 in the am that would be awesome. OR even 60 w/ little to no humidity would rock, too!
Allow me to hate you a little, as it was 90 degrees this morning and I ran in skimpy shorts and a jog bra and STILL almost died.
Liz said…
I can't believe your mornings are that cold already! We've been in the high 50's/low 60's at 5-6am, and even that feels cold to me.

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