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Cheers to Friday! I'm celebrating the first official day of fall by wearing my white pants one last time this year. Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Not me!  

Now on to last night's fun...
Sixty years ago, my grandparents said "I do." It's quite an impressive feat. They got married around age 20, had three kids while getting their degrees and working and continued on to become an amazing first grade teacher (her) and minister (him).

Last night, we celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a party at their home about 45 min north of Eugene. I drove straight there after work to join in on the fun. 

The party was a lot of fun. It was nice to see some people I hadn't seen in years, catch up with my parents, aunt and little bro and celebrate with my grandparents who made a quick return from their summer cabin.  

Sixty years is a lot of time to be married and explore life together. I'm so happy for my grandparents and their involvement in my life!

On the running front...
In an attempt to do it all, I managed my second early morning run of the week yesterday! I fit in nearly 6 miles before sunrise, with fartlek intervals of 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, and 1 min sessions, 1 min easy jog in between and a warm up and cool down. I was proud that I managed to do my speed work and see my family - both priorities in my life.

What's your one love and one whine(wine?) for the weekend ahead?
LOVE: I'm planning on fitting in my last long run (20 miles!) before Victoria and going to a wedding party and birthday dinner. WHINE: The house needs some tidying and sweeping and I need to spend some time life planning.


Wow...sixty years! So hard to even comprehend that amount of time :) Congrats to them, what a great thing to celebrate!
Sixty years is AMAZING! And your grandparents look great! What a fun, family gathering.

Love: I'm also fitting in my last long run before Victoria but it's only 12 miles. Heh :)

Whine: My house ALSO needs some tidying. I seriously cannot balance the pet/working out/keeping house clean/working full-time thing. Especially now that Eric is back and school and his schedule is SO opposite mine.

Clearly we're on the same wavelength this week :)
Love: I get to see you 2 weeks from yesterday. :)

Whine: I am fighting a cold. Terrible timing as I have my first biz trip w/ client meetings next week. Now is not the time to be sick!!
Haley said…
love that photo looking in on the great!
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i am always looking forward to your new post
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