Let Them Drink Wine

I tell ya, taking an extra day off on a long weekend makes it feel like a vacation. And going to a winery on a Friday afternoon? There's nothing better. Manageable crowds, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery and fabulous company.

But first, we had to work for that wine. The girls headed to the river path for a run/walk - I did my last double digit run before the 50K (10 miles) and C walked several miles during that time. The manfriend took his brother on a 30 mile bike ride with some decent climbing. We were happy to see they had both survived after the fact.

After an appropriate amount of sweating and eating, we headed out to King Estate and saddled up to the tasting counter. For $5 you get to taste a variety of whites and reds - I think we tasted 7-8. Wine notes were taken.

We tasted whites and reds at King Estate, including the domaine Pinot Noir, which was delish. King Estate is known for their Signature Pinot Gris, which they sell more of than anything else. But I think my favorite of all of our tastings was the NxNW Columbia Valley Syrah. Mmm.

After tasting a range of their wines, we opted to buy a bottle of the NxNW Cabernet Sauvignon to share on the patio.

We could have sat there all day and night. Some of us were contemplating taking naps on the patio.

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Random Friday

Happy kick off to College Football for everyone who's cheering on a team today! We'll be rooting for the #3 Oregon Ducks as they take on the #4 LSU Tigers tonight.

What's everyone doing for Labor Day weekend? I know the sales at Ann Taylor LOFT and Banana are calling my name...


Raquelita said…
That sounds and looks like a lovely time!

I had to take a nap today with the Auburn/Utah State game on in the background after my long run this morning. I'm counting down the minutes until my Oklahoma Sooners kick off their season with an IPA in hand. The rest of the weekend I'm going to spend doing class prep, doing a little work on a research project, and taking a bubble bath with the Sept. issue of Vogue.
That looks like such a fun day! Judging by your outfits the weather must have warmed up!! Hooray! This post makes me really want to come visit you guys!! I will Do that eventually!

I am at my parents cabin. We are emptying it out and it will be demolished next week as they are building their retirement home here (Our cabin is really rustic). I am heading back tonight though so i can sleep in my own bed and have a day in my condo. I have been so busy lately, I just need a day to myself!!!

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