Lasagna for One

I'm glad you guys liked the 50K race recap. It was a lot of fun, but I'm pretty relieved it's over.

Last night I had the brilliant idea to make lasagna in a loaf dish since it was just me at home. And, because it was just me, I used less noodle and cheese and more zucchini. Although, if something tastes good, the manfriend isn't one to bat an eye.

You know how sometimes you have this 'brilliant' idea that isn't actually all that brilliant? Well, for me, last night's decision to make lasagna in a loaf pan (often reserved for my banana bread) seemed genius.

Serves 1
2 whole wheat lasagna noodles
3/4 cup marinara
white onion
red bell pepper
1 small zuchinni 
1/4 cup black beans
fresh basil leaves
assorted cheeses (mozarella, parmesean, etc)

Step by Step
Heat 2 cups water until boiling and remove water from heat. Break noodles in half and let them sit in the hot water for ~10 min to soften.

In a pan, heat olive oil and add chopped onion and bell pepper to cook for a few minutes. Add any other veggies you'd like to here. Add black beans, basil, black pepper and marinara. Cook for ~10 min.

Take a small zucchini and slice it into thin layers so they look like a noodle. You can also use zucchini or eggplant 'noodles' instead of pasta in your lasagna if you prefer.

Now take a glass loaf pan and layer marinara, noodles and/or zucchini, cheeses (I used string cheese and a mixture of parmesan/romano cheeses from Trader Joe's), marinara, noodles/zucchini, cheese, marinara and an optional sprinkle of parmesan on top.

Bake at 375 for about 25 min. Let cool before you eat. This turned out great and I was able to save a piece for lunch. Less hassle the next day!


After doing a sweatastic Fitnessista Summer Shape Up workout from 2010 and a little BodyRock, I needed something filling. This definitely hit the spot, although I probably could have eaten my leftovers as well.

Get That Furnace Burning
High intensity intervals and strength work like that really get my furnace burning.

While I enjoy doing all of this 'extra credit' exercise if you will, I occasionally have to remind myself that this stuff really is good for my running. This stuff is what keeps my form strong through those last miles of a marathon.

The moral of the story is: even if you don't have the fitness or time to do a 30+ minute intense workout, anyone can add 5-10 minutes of fitness to their day. Start with one set of something (push ups, side plank raises, mt climbers, etc) and go from there.

Like I've said before, starting is the hardest part. Once you get your running clothes on and get your booty out the door, you're not gonna turn around without doing something. So, just start!

Or, like Heather Says, "Make one healthy decision (now make another)." Sometimes baby steps can lead to the biggest life changes.

Do you guys have any favorite one person meals? Or any exercise motivators that are really working for you?


Current exercise motivators: buddies to go with! Always does the trick.

Your mini lasagna is so cute! I've never thought to make a single serving pasta bake, but that IS genius. I'm doing a veg lasagna for a group birthday diner (D's) this weekend!
Love the mini lasagna! Great idea!

I know, I know. I need to work on my strength training SO BADLY. Even for just 20-30 minutes a morning. It's a work-in process for me because I really enjoy cuddling up under the covers for those extra 20 minutes on mornings I don't run :)
Pretty much every meal I make is a one person meal ;) but I always make more than 1 person could eat So I can have leftovers! My fave things to make are soups and stews and chili. That lasagna looks awesome tho!! I have gf noodles so should make some soon. Except it is too much for me to do on a week night! Super impressed you made it on a weeknight. That is def a weekend type of dish for me!!

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