Holy Sweat Buckets!

I think the title says it all. Tonight's Lifeforce Fitness class was hot and sweaty like whoa!

Part of that was due to the fact that it was 80 or so degrees out today on the last day of summer, but the other part was thanks to Jay's crazy workout. I've missed the class the last few weeks because of the 50K.

Because you never know what you're gonna get thrown at you, I tend to shy away from the class the week before a big race and the week after (to allow my body some recovery). The last thing I want on race day (that I've been training for months for) is to have abs, butt and hamstrings that are screaming at me before the start gun goes off.

But for those very same reasons, I love getting back to Lifeforce. And tonight was a fun reintroduction. We did everything from interval running/sprinting in place on the mat for 5 or so minutes and lunges halfway around the block to pull ups and burpees! I was a sweaty mess afterward.

I wish this shirt were cotton because if it were, you'd see that it was 100% soaked!

The manfriend decided to join in on picture fun. When I got home, he had just finished a quick 15 minute run around the neighborhood.

Check out the road rash I earned this morning during my pre dawn run. Ouch.

I left the house just before 6am with a flashlight and about three miles into my run I was shocked to find myself sprawled out onto the sidewalk, superman style.

I guess there was a little bump in the cement I missed. Luckily, I'm okay and my cell phone was unharmed. I'm sure some of the cars wondered who the crazy lady was running in the dark with blood dripping down her leg.

On a side note, look how well my little bell peppers are doing! I need to pick them soon before the cold weather kills 'em.

Have you ever had an unexpected fall on a run or ride? After all this trail running and getting used to clip in pedals on my rode bike, it seems like old hat. It happens so fast that all of a sudden you're on the ground and scraped up without much understanding of how you got there. Ugh.


I'm intrigued about this lifeforce class of yours! I want to hear more about it in Victoria. Is it like part of a gym? Like a bootcamp? Drop-in?

Ouch! That sucks you fell on your run :S I was out walking the dog when it was dark out tonight and thinking it might be fun to do a night run some time (with a headlamp of course!). I have only ever fallen while running when I was running in the trails but I did have a pretty bad, and ridiculous, bike fall right outside our front door this summer!
Ouch! I am glad you and your phone are ok! I have had some close calls but have never fallen... yet...

That lifeforce class sounds awesome. I am feeling under the weather so I missed run club last night. I felt guilty initially but I felt so crappy/tired, I knew my body needed a night off.
This makes me miss the Ryders classes I went to in Denver - such a challenge (and I avoided them before races, too), but so much fun!

Your peppers are SO CUTE. But your poor leg, yeouch.
Lindsey said…
I'm glad the class last night was good! I wanted to go yesterday but left work too late to make it. Maybe next week.

Your peppers look great! I have a few green ones right now that I haven't picked yet. I was hoping they would ripen to red but I don't think the warm weather is going to stick around long enough.

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