An update from Tracktown

Sorry, you're not going to see the hair update today. Why? I'm home sick and frankly I'm pretty sure the hair looks like a hot mess right now. I will give you a bit of hint though. I got a few inches cut (although it seems like more) and I kinda feel like a kid. I'm debating whether or not to go back in and ask her to go a little funkier with it. We'll see how it looks after I wash it and attempt to do style it.

I mentioned last week that I was going to the Track & Field National Championships on Friday night. I did and it was fun. The office was quiet, my motivation was low, the sun was out, and Hayward Field was the place to be!

So, I left early and headed out to see some amazing athletes. The level of athletes you are within feet of, include Tyson Gay, Nick Symmonds, Kara Goucher and more! Dan OBrian was hosting the meet, interviewing the winners after each event. As usual, Kara Goucher impressed me. Not only was she the American woman to take third in the Boston Marathon, but she's an inspiring person and amazing runner.

Friday night she settled in midpack for the women's 5k. About halfway through you could tell she was bored and ready to push the pace (as she did in the last few miles of Boston to really make it a competition). Goucher was boxed in for a bit until her break in the last two laps and finally outkicking the leader and former Olympian, Jen Rhines. If you don't know Goucher, google her and watch a few interviews. I believe she's truly one of the most inspiring athletes for women because she truly puts her heart and soul into running and isn't afraid to say what she feels in interviews.


Heather C said…
Sass this is SO cool!!! I would LOVE To come watch this! :)

I hope you're feeling better over there lady!

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