Speed...er, not so much

Well, my SPEED isn't all that speedy, but the attempt at it is a good idea I suppose. After Wednesday's hills on the bike, these legs were seriously having none of this "speed" thing when I hit the track last night.

The first mile (our warm up) was tough. I sort of "uh huh"ed and "yeah"ed as my friend D chatted and was just breezing along. Then we were back on the track for a few strides and 4 x 200's and the rest of a ladder workout. Basically you go up and then back down (200s, 400s, 800s, 400s, 200s) with varying reps, paces and rest between each. After the 200s I ditched out and headed back to the bark for some jogging.

I could just feel the legs and lungs and knew it was only going to get uglier from there. I'd like to blame the 90 degree weather, in fact maybe I sort of do. When you're not used to running in this heat, you really do have to be careful. I had a dull headache before and during the run so I made a few stops at the water fountain for good measure.

I did a few more miles of walking, jogging and a little more speed on my own and then a mile cool down. I was spent. Then it was off to John's for the runner potluck of chicken cacciatore, salad, beer/wine, and key lime pie! It was a hit, if I do say so myself. It's always nice when new recipes tried on a big group of people actually works out.

Ok, well back to work. I rode the bike in today and have a night free to do whatever I want as the man drinks beers and watches the tour with some other mens. Ooh, freedom sounds so sweet I just don't know what to do with myself! May hit up a bookstore and coffee shop for a little relaxation and reading.

Sat is date night with movie (The Hangover) and dinner (at a new restaurant in town) on the agenda. Fun Fun! Happy weekend all!


I CANNOT handle running in this heat. Just can't do it, so, all my runs have been in the morning lately when it's "only" around 15-20 C (60-70 F) still pretty hot BUT bearable. Oh, that's also at 7 am! Ha
hahaha "with some other mens". guys night huh? I'm glad you are enjoying a little Sass-time! Give the legs a little rest - combining your new bike workouts is probably a little rough ;)

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