Somewhere above the clouds

By now, I'm somewhere high above the clouds enjoying my healthy snacks and attempting to sleep, (but probably unable to) and therefore left to reading all the books and mags I've toted with me while the man sleeps.

As I'm writing this on Wed, I have to say I'm feeling a bit more confident about the 10k. I managed to fit in a second 25 min run along the river during lunch, after dropping my new bike off to get tuned and picking up some new library books. It felt good and I felt better for not just doing one 20 min run, but a 25 min run just 5 hrs later, in the sun!

Now I'm off to meet the man, grab the dog, and head to my parents house for a bbq dinner, after which we'll them to so kindly watch the dog for the long weekend. Yippee for parents who live close! And later tonight I'll get to packing. Oh, packing. We've missed each other. Let the indecision decision making begin!

Stay tuned for the race and travel report when I return! And have a lovely weekend!


ha, hope the snacks work out! what books did you bring along??

HAVE A GOOD TRIP!! and Good luck, you'll be fine with that 10k! :)
Good luck and have a fun weekend! Can't wait to hear ALL about it!!

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