Race Report: Aquafina Butte to Butte 10k

Well, the good news is: I made it! And so did the manfriend! Who was faster? He was, of course. The whole joke was that he trained a whole 15 min for the 6.2 mile race. Granted, he is a cyclist so it's not like he's a couch potato.

We made it to the bus shuttle about 45 min before the race started. We arrived with a good 30 min to spare. Two years ago I ran the race but showed up and the line was around the block and I didn't get to the start line until 15 min AFTER the race had started and was forced to dodge multitudes of baby strollers and dogs. But not this year!

We chatted with a few of the runners from my group at the start line and did a few minutes of a warm up jog. The first mile is uphill, the next mile is downhill and the last 4 or so miles are flat to the finish near the river. My lungs still had some flem in them, but didn't force me to stop. I did however walk for about the last 20 seconds of the steep section of the hill. From there, I ran.

The right knee started hurting a few miles in and the lungs were burning, but really nothing too earth shattering. The sun was out, making for a high 60s race, which meant I was stopping for every water stop.

So, what was the result? I wanted to walk to the finish around mile 3, but I didn't. The manfriend left me with the first 1/4 mile like I said he would. He finished in 46:40 and I finished in about 53:50. All I wanted was under 54 (less than 9min/mi pace). Not too shabby for my fitness level and just recovering from a 5 day cold. The last section, where I could see the finish line, I just picked up the pace a bit (just enough so I wouldn't puke my gutts out). It was good.

We chatted with the other runners, I did a mile cooldown jog and we went to grab some food. A smoothie for me, white mocha and quiche for him.

Then it was home for a shower, killing a bunch of ants that were invading his house (YUCK!), watching a bit of the Tour de France (bc the manfriend ordered the Versus channel so we could get the full coverage) and then heading north for a college friend's wedding. We stayed at a hotel just .8 miles from the wedding and walked there in the HOT sun. THank god I bought a shorter dress for the wedding on Friday since temps were in the 90s. The wedding was fun, the dancing was great, and the walk home was nice.

The wedding was of two friends from college. One former best friend and one of our guy friends. Our entire house of five girls who lived together the last few years of college (and a few of the boyfriends) were reunited for the evening. I see a few of them more often than others, but it was one of those bittersweet nights where you remember those great times and friendships, but have to accept that it's time to move on from those photographs. That it's ok that you're not close anymore. That you no longer share outburts of laughter and a bottle of wine together because your paths have parted. I'm a sentimental girl so it's hard to accept, but I managed to let only a few tears drop. Instead, I realized that the friendships I still have with a few of them are genuine and that seeing two people marry who are truly in love is a gift.

Sunday, the man woke with screaming quads and calves due to the pounding of the 10k. We took a little swim in the hotel pool and hot tub to work out some sore muscles and later I let him use the runner's stick I have at home. All I can say is, there better be SOME type of consequence for running a 10k in a pretty decent time without ever training! He claims he'll run a few times before our next 10k (in three weeks) when we visit his family in Michigan, but I'm not making any bets on it.

I hope everyone had a happy 4th! Any other sore racers out there?


Whoo, good job! I think that's a fantastic time!!

Wedding sounds fun, I totally know what you mean about feeling nostalgic hanging out with old friends. I get like that too!
Heather C said…
welll I'm sure if I had actually put in the 8 miles I had scheduled this weekend, then, yes I would be sore. but, haha, that didn't happen.

I think you did AWESOME!!! Feeling sick, not being able to train for the last week and Still beating your goal time?! Seriously, great job Sass :)
Oscar Yeager said…
Your manfriend must be one hell of a cyclist to turn in a time like that with no running, guess it proves cross-training pays off!

And maybe you should try the skirts? With all of the "Skirt Chasers" in the running world, having some of them knocking on your back door during a race may actually IMPROVE your finishing times.
I kind of hate your boyfriend for being so naturally fast. I'm kidding, of course!

I know what you mean about the nostalgic feelings. I get the same way, too. It's tough to see friendships change, but I guess the good thing is that the ones that do last are better & stronger than ever as the years pass by.

PS I left a little award for you over on my blog today.

Happy Tuesday!

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