I finally took the leap and chopped it!

That's right. I met the man's family as my usual longish haired self and felt like I could just chop it!

After all, if I didn't do it now, I knew I'd chicken and always wonder what it would have looked like to go a bit shorter. So yesterday, I called my hairstylist and made the appointment.

When I walked in I had planned on just going a few inches shorter with layered/choppy ends. But she convinced me that the A line would look good. So after some deliberation over the knots in my stomach, I just said "i'm such a chicken. ok, just do it!"

Does anyone else feel like their hair kind of helps define their personality? That's how I am. I always feel like a long haired person so it's hard to go short, but I'm glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Plus, this will be PERFECT for this weekend's hot weather and the big camping/country music festival I'm heading to with my fabulous group of my high school friends!


sneakersister said…
I LOVE it!!! It looks perfect on you!!!

I chopped mine all off once. Well, not ALL off, but I went super duper short when I was about 25. I always admired the girls who wore their hair very short, I thought it was a really care-free style. So I did it. I had no regrets whatsoever. I loved it every single day and wore it like that for about 4 years. Shampoo lasted longer, I didn't spend all that time in front of a mirror fixing it. But, always having had long hair, I started to miss it, so I grew it out. My current short cut is just a tad shorter than yours and the same style. This is the first time in over 10 years I've gone this short. I love it all over again.

Good for you!!!
Morgan said…
You look absolutely FAB my dear! Good call on going short! It becomes you!
You look fab! Props for being bold & chopping it. Has the man friend seen it? I bet he'll love it - it's very flattering on you!

I am thinking of chopping a few inches off mine after my sister's wedding. need to keep it long enough to some how put it up in a simple up-do. After that, I might say adios to it!
Sassy Molassy said…
Thanks for all the happy notes!

Lisa-Yes, the man has seen it. I didn't tell him I was getting it cut yest, but he loved it. He just kept saying it was so cute and sassy, which was nice to hear since I'm still not totally in love with it.
Oscar Yeager said…
Yes, your hair looks nice, and I know it has been HOT out there, I live on the East Coast and your weather is even making all the news out here.
Kerry said…
It looks so good! Good choice!
It looks Gorgeous Sass!! I LOVE IT!!! Isn't is so fun to have a new-do?? :) Especially in the summer. Perfect timing!
Looks freaking FABULOUS.

You will NEVER go back from this cut - trust me. It's SO easy to do and always looks stylish! I adore my a-line cut!!

magda said…
You look ADORABLE! What a cute picture (to match such a cute cut!). Love it. And love catching up ... my life's been capital-I Insane recently. Stay cool in that wild heat you all have got going on, and glad to hear all is well!
KGreg said…
Beautiful! Way to be brave!

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