The heat, oh the heat!

What a coincidence that the day the man and I arrive back in Oregon (to record breaking 105F+ degree temps)that I also receive an email from Runner's World focused on running in the heat. Last night, after being stuck in airports and airplanes all morning and then roasting away in my office for the latter half of the day, I decided I NEEDED to get the heart pumping. So, I put on the running clothes, the sunglasses and a dri fit hat (bc it was 106 out) and hit the pavement.

I decided to take it easy for my own sake. So, I settled on alternating between running three minutes and walking one. I went about 2 miles, fitting in 16 minutes of running and 6 minutes of walking. Afterward, I was absolutely pouring. I didn't shower immediately since I could tell the sweat was still running down my legs at a steady pace. Even after the shower, I was still sweating. Ugh!

This morning, I decided to get a head start on the heat and hit the road at 630AM for a nice 35 min run. This was an ipod necessary run bc I knew with the temps being already near 70, I'd need a little extra motivation. And let me tell you, it helped! After a 5 min cooldown walk and 60 lunges (oh the legs are feeling those!), I stretched, did some pushups, and grabbed the dumbbells for some tricep and bicep work. It felt great to get a serious workout in before my day even started!

Tonight I think I'll do another run or an easy ride because I'm really trying to ramp it up for the Hood 2 Coast relay! This time I may dunk my hat in cold water before I go. Who knows!

So tell me, how do you beat the heat?


Omg. I cannot believe you ran in that weather! You are my hero - I couldn't do it. I can barely walk from the car to the apartment without breaking a sweat, a run is out of the question!!

100 is WAY to hot for me. I would really like this heatwave to GO AWAY!!!

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