The Haircut: Before and After

I know, I's been a while now since I had that whole hair post where you all gave me great suggestions! And now you've seen the new hair in the last post, but for what it's worth, a before and after of the haircut.



I decided to leave you with a silly faced one bc I'm the queen of silly faces in photos. As I get to be more of the adult age however, I try to refrain now and then and keep it serious, or rather a real smile. But for this after photo, who really cares.

And PS-do I look any different? Not really. I chickened. I'm meeting the man friend's entire family in a few weeks and I just wasn't ready to go super crazy or short so I just asked her to cut a few inches off. I quickly regretted it and wished I had gone a bit crazier, but hey, I can always cut more off in a few weeks if I want to go wild.


sneakersister said…
It looks good Lacey.

I think you should go for chin length next time. That will look really cute on you.
Looks great! That's the thing about hair - it always grows back and you can always cut more off later. I say GO FOR IT after meeting the man friends family! I waited until after a wedding I was in to chop mine off almost three years ago and I haven't regretted it once, since!
Heather C said…
It DOES look different, it was getting Long!!!! I like it :)
reederscorner said…
Oooohh nice! Love your blog!
Oscar Yeager said…
Both pictures look nice, the 1st one just needs more light added to the picture.

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