sayonara, plus tard, arrivederci...later!

Ok, I'm signing off for now. A few more hours of work and then some final packing/unpacking and I'll be driving north to meet my high school friend and traveling buddy, Annie! We'll fly out from Seattle, WA tomorrow afternoon.

I say unpacking because last night I did a trial run and couldn't even fit everything in my big ole North Face backpack! WHAT?! I seriously thought those innocent piles of clothing on my bed were modest, were sparse, but no dice.

So, I'm removing the mini blow dryer I had packed, I'm not taking makeup (gasp!), I'm exchanging my New Balances for a lighter pair of running shoes (my old Nike Structure Triax's) and still need to remove shirts and pants/shorts. Gah!

Oh, and because I'm leaving the man friend for a few weeks, I'll be stopping by his house later today to drop off a little surprise. I'm leaving a framed pic of the two of us, as well as a bunch of other cute photos of our time together, and a little note on his nightstand. So when he goes to bed tonight, he'll look over and be like, WHAT?! I love giving people little surprises they're not expecting.

Bon voyage! I'll try to check in when we splurge to pay for internet at cafes. And, keep your eyes peeled for some guest blogs coming your way in the next few weeks! I return to the U.S. on May 30 and will do some serious reporting shortly after. I'll miss you all, my little blogosphere!


Have a fabulous trip!! If you like Nutella, please have a Nutella + Banana Crepe for me when you are in Paris. It was the best 2-3 Euro I spent during that entire trip!

Good luck w/ the packing! It's so tough getting everything to fit, isn't it?

As the French say, Bon journee!!
Amber said…
Have SO much fun!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!!
I hope the missing mini-dryer does the trick!!! :) I can't wait to see pics and hear stories, you're going to have so much funn!

we'll miss you around here! xoxo
J said…
Enjoy Europe! I hope the man friend likes the surprise! I love doing that type of thing for people too!
Shoshanah said…
Have Fun! Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!
Sassy Molassy said…
Thanks guys! We're getting packed and I think everything is going to fit! Yippee!

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