First run in months!

It's true, this morning, I took my first real run (more than a few flights of stairs on the way to a train with a 30 lb bag on my back) in two months! Truth: it wasn't perfect and my lungs kind of burned, but I made it. I woke up early with A still sleeping and the whole city of Geneva, SZ out there waiting for me.

I pulled on my running shoes, sports bra, shorts, t and sunglasses and hit the road. Geneva is a gorgeous bustling city right on a huge lake so naturally I had to run along the water. 830am is a great time for a run as a tourist because you get to see all the locals heading to work in their suits and ties.

By the way, I absolutely love how Europeans don't mind hopping on their bikes in a $500+ suit to head to work. In the U.S. it just doesn't happen. Ah, the things we could learn from Europeans. Yesterday the ticket guy at the train station started talking about how bad our Pres Bush was and how Americans work all the time.

So yes, America, the whole world knows, we're overworked and underpaid and we don't stand up for ourselves. A and I were shocked to find the grocery store of all places, closed last night at 8pm. Of course, we should have known. The workers have to go home and enjoy life too!

But the running, the running was fabulous. My right knee hurt a bit, but it felt good to push the bod just a bit harder. It's amazing how quickly you lose your aerobic fitness.

Well, after a long, fun day of bike riding, touring the United Nations building, having another fabulous mazarella/salami/basil panini and enjoying views of the water (and even a few naked Europeans sunning themselves), I'm burned and tired. Tomorrow we're on our final day of traveling, heading back to Rome before flying out Saturday morning. On the books is one last taste of Italian gelato and the yummy goodness of a trattoria before an EARLY flight back home. Ah, home never sounded so good.


Amber said…
Yay! I think running in another country would be AWESOME! Sounds so fun, enjoy your last couple days and I can't wait to see lots of pictures and hear even more detailed stories when you get back!

I also agree with you that we need to be more laidback in North America. When I went to Germany we walked and biked EVERYWHERE. BUT, at the same time (and I'm only speaking for Canada and specifically places that I've lived) over here it doesn't seem that things are as accessible by foot or bike because everything is much more spread out here! At least where I lived. It takes me 10 minutes on the freeway to get to work every morning, so I don't think I would want to bike that! Haha
Shoshanah said…
It sounds like overall you had an awesome trip. Maybe we'll all get to see some pictures when you get back? Hope you have a safe flight and enjoy your last bit of real gelato!

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