Time to detox

After three days of some seriously good meals filled with bread, egg, cheese and seafood, there's only one thing my body wants, a detox.

The man friend and I spent the weekend with a few runner friends at the beach enjoying the Seafood and Wine Festival. While I did pretty well in imbibing only moderately in wine and gin & tonics, the food was so good that none of us could stop eating. Friday night we arrived to a feast of fresh sourdough bread bowls, in which we put homemade seafood bisque (two servings for me-ugh). A few hours later we followed that with blackberry pie and ice cream. Wow.

Saturday morning I went for a 75 min walk/jog, spending about half of it on the beach doing an easy jog/walk routine and the other half making my way over hills to get to and from the beach. I seriously never feel healthier than when I'm walking in the sand breathing in fresh ocean air. I swear it has healing powers. It made me antsy for spring weekends spent at the beach just enjoying the sun, even if it is a bit chilly here in Oregon.

I arrived back at the house to find waffles with strawberries waiting for us and some fresh coffee. Then off to the wine fest we went. What we all anticipated to be a fairly classy, enjoyable affair was more of a drunken, somewhat trashy, crammed event under two massive tents. Thing mardi gras (people were passing out beads to each other) mixed with county fair mixed with a weird high school reunion of all ages. The people watching was truly superb. At some point in the afternoon the boys began nominating wine tasters for "the most drunken and haggard" award. Truly hilarious. After enjoying crab melts and a few hours of wine tasting, we decided to exit stage left before we couldn't move inside the tents any longer and had to battle the drunks on the road.

Back at the house it was nap time to prepare for another round of food. This time: brie, pears, grapes and crackers for appetizers and three kinds of pizza and a salad for dinner. Post dinner we watched one of the most awful movies I've seen in a while, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I mean really, who thought up the idea that they should be hired assassins to kill their own spouse? Lame. Another round of pie and some serious foos ball and hungry hungry hippo and we were off to bed.

Sunday brought another long walk and views of the ocean followed by a mimosa brunch with egg strata and potatoes. Yum. And of course we couldn't pass up the fast food joint (prob the last one for a few thousand miles standing) that sells milkshakes with Nilla wafers on top. After dropping off my passengers in town, I drove directly to the gym (not even tempting myself with thoughts of my bed) and sweat for a good hour and 45 minutes. It felt good and was the perfect way to end a fun filled foodie weekend with friends and the beach.

Anyone else do something fun this weekend? Anyone in detox with me this week? This week the man friend and I are eating salads every night, no joke.


Amber said…
That sounds like such a fabulous weekend!! Last week was my break from school so I kind of went lax with my eating.. dessert every night, lots of carbs and wine!! I did get plenty of workouts in though.

I'm DEFINITELY on detox this week as well, I started it off with some oatmeal this morning and am filling my day with lots of fruits and veggies!

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