Busy bee, that's me!

So, things have been insanely busy in my work world for whatever reason this past few weeks. I keep thinking man, am I thankful for having a job when so many of my friends, acquaintances, community members and beyond are losing their jobs left and right. Amidst my busy work day, I have some random thoughts I'd like to share.

1. Facebook as of late, is creeping me out again. Please read this. You remember when it was freaking me out a while back and I was unsure whether to limit profile some colleagues? Well, now I'm kind of freaked out by it all. I'm addicted to it, but at the same time I want my privacy!

Dating this new guy has me thinking, that yeah our mutual friends know we're together, but do all 308 of my facebook "friends" need to know thanks to these tagged Super Bowl party photos? I mean, I left off filling out the whole "relationship" section of my fbook profile for a reason (who wants to go through the pain of seeing the broken heart appear and people comment on it when you get out of a relationship? eeks, not me!)

2. Dating makes you think you can drink more and eat crappier just because a guy can do it and still lose weight. Must stay on top of this! I don't want to reverse all this hard work I'm doing for my marathon training.

I'm giving up alcohol for two weeks, seriously. Okay, I'm allowing myself one drink per week. So far, it's Wed and I've had zero. Go me!

3. Remember how I worked at/enjoyed the Olympic Track & Field Trials this summer? Well, I'm super excited to see that Jordan Hasay (who was in hs at the time) and ran in the trials is coming to Tracktown, USA to run for the UO! 2012 Olympics, you better watch out. I was there when the crowd started chanting "Come to Oregon!" after she set the national girl's hs record in the 1500m race.

4. This 50+ degree weather we've been having makes me crave skirts, running in shorts and a tank, camping and summer in all its glory.

Any random thoughts occupying your mind of late?


Amber said…
Oh man. I so planned on doing the 25 random things on my blog tomorrow! Haha. Ya, I'm totally addicted too facebook to but the whole "in a relationship" thing is ridiculous. When my friend broke up with her boyfriend people she hadn't talked to in YEARS were commenting on her status. Like get a life people and mind your own business. I really should "edit" my profile a bit before I enter the professional world...
Anonymous said…
50+ degrees??! Please send it over here sometime soon! I desperately want to put away my winter jacket. I'm craving Spring clothes like it's my freakin job.

Also - the "facebook" relationship? I totally avoided that too. I can't imagine the point (after a breakup...) at which you logically think..."Maybe I should change my facebook". Gah. Awkward.
Anonymous said…
It is really easy to set your privacy settings on facebook. Just click on your friends menu and organize your friends into groups (colleagues, real friends, people you haven't seen in years, whatever, etc.). After you put them in groups go into settings>privacy settings. From there you can edit your profile and put in exceptions so that certain individuals or groups can't see your profile.

It is really worth it :) One of my friends wrote a whole thing about it on his blog too. Good luck
Laura said…
I've been dating my boyfriend for 7 months and still haven't changed my relationship status on Facebook, just because I don't want to make a big thing of it, and I feel very junior high being like "hey will you accept my request on Facebook to be my boyfriend?" :) However, I do know that a good friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend (of four years) and when she changed her status to single, she got a lot of really nice comments and messages from people that made her feel a little bit better.

On the eating/drinking front, AMEN TO THAT. It's really not fair that guys get such fast metabolisms!

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