There's a first time for everything

What are these you ask? Besides pretty flowers, they're a girl's first pretty flowers from a guy who wasn't her father or grandfather, and that's pretty cool. I didn't really realize it until they were being handed to me. Until the guy shows up on your doorstep with a bunch of lovelies, intentionally picked out and purchased just for you because you, you've got a hold on a little piece of his heart.

And for the first time, I don't want to run. I've run from so many guys, so many situations, so many feelings of insecurity. But not this time. Leave the running for the marathon training and hitting the pavement with the group, but not from him.

There's something that makes me say "yep, that's why the others just weren't good enough, weren't worth your effort and time." But this one, he's worth it. So hold on. Hold on tight to what you know and believe in and trust because ultimately, you'll be glad you did.

It's crazy how quickly a week or two can change your life. How meeting someone who wants the best for you all the time is absolutely normal, no matter how independent and alone you once considered yourself to be. How someone else caring about you makes you feel like you deserve just a little bit more from life. And for the first time, that's ok with me.

I hope everyone enjoys their MLK, Jr day no matter how you're celebrating it. Me, I'll probably be heading to the Oregon coast for the second day in a row with a few friends for some 60+ degree weather and strolling on the beach. Every year this day seems just a little more important to me as I not only age, but continue to see that whatever level of equality we as a society may believe we have achieved, we are still so far from being fair, just, and truly good to each and every other person in this world. This day continues to bring a mix of sorrow, contemplation and hope for me. Hope for a future that looks a little brighter with a new leader at the helm.


amric1409 said…
Beautiful flowers! You totally deserve it!
J said…
That is so great! I knew that you would find a great guy! Enjoy it!
heatherdc said…
I'm going to try and ignore the fact that you're enjoying *days* of 60 degree weather. Jealous!

flowers?!?! :) yayy
KGreg said…
That's awesome! I long for the day when I can stop buying flowers for myself. :)
magda said…
Hooray! Flowers! What a fantastic surprise.

You're right; there's much to look forward to and be hopeful for!

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