Birthday success

I would have to give myself a pat on the back for this birthday. I celebrated it as I wished and have actually enjoyed it. Seriously people, this is big. I love birthdays and planning celebrations for others, having surprise parties, etc, but mine has never been fun. Today, was fun.

I did a LONG training run (ouch my legs are sore), got a fabulous pedicure, went to lunch with the girls, went shopping (fabulous Frye boots have been ordered), stopped by Starbucks, saw a movie with friends and am off to a friend's house in a bit for some quality hanging out. On my two hour and twenty minute run this morning, I had some time to ponder this insane torture I continue to put myself through.

I realized that before training for or running a marathon, there are some things I simply would not have known or been quite so thankful for.

You know you're a marathoner when...

1. you think a sip of water is a reward for running another 15 minutes
2. the people at REI look at you funny when you clean them out of cliff shots, luna moons and sports beans
3. you get a hand cramp from holding a water bottle for 2-3 hrs straight
4. your best friend is a stick of Body Gluide
5. you're hungry...all.the.time.
6. sheep can run (prob b/c they're so stupid they think you're running toward them. this happened today, seriously.)
7. gloves alone can make the difference between warm and cold
8. you'd rather go to sleep to get a good night's rest than go out for drinks with friends
9. you're excited to see the 13 mile marker (hey, you're halfway there)

Happy New Year people! I hope you're as excited about what's to come as I am. Cheers!


amric1409 said…
Happy Birthday!! Extra points for going on such a long run on your birthday, that's great!!!
J said…
Happy Birthday! Last year I had a real bad birthday so I can understand how you feel! So glad that this one turned out to be so good!
Laura said…
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great year :)
I'm not quite a marathoner, but I passed a water fountain on my long run today and thought, "You can get a drink of the way back if you keep it up." Sad I know.
Sassy Molassy said…
Yeah, crazy that water can be such an incentive. It's an evil trick we play on our own minds.
heatherdc said…
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy to see the 13 mile marker because it means I AM there :) haha. Ah, I'll get to that crazy full eventually.

SO glad you had a good birthday, well deserved! xoxo
Sassy Molassy said…
heather, true story on that 13 mile marker. No matter if you're running a half or a full, it's a good sign. Ok, a little better when you're running a 1/2 because you know you don't have another 1/2 marathon to run, but still...

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