Taking a break

A weekend in El Paso with two nights of just four hours of sleep nearly knocked me out. To add to that a night with no sleep spent in Vegas for New Year's Eve was well, the icing on the cake that pushed me over the edge. Tuesday, New Year's Day, we boarded the plane for our return north only to sit in front of a woman yelling like a banshee at 8am "Aye yi yi yi yi yi yi!" over and over and over again as our plane ascended into the clouds. In a coma-like state of exhaustion, I was in no shape to tell her to shut the hell up. Besides, I'm pretty sure she was either a. drunk b. clueless to normal behavior on a plane c. grew up in the sticks or d. all of the above.

Needless to say, I woke up Wednesday (my 25th birthday) with a full on head cold, sore throat, swollen glands and state of exhaustion after sleeping for 11 hrs straight. So, what did I do? Took a sick day. For the most part I slept and woke up to drink more water with Emergen-C and finally, being sick of staying inside all day headed to run club. Stupid idea, but I made it all 4.2 miles. Happy Birthday to me.

Yesterday, I went to work for most of the day and called it quits at 2:30 pm, only to go to Albertson's for some O.J. and to rent "The Holiday" because what's better than watching a holiday chic flick when you feel like crapola?! And then, I did the unthinkable, I took a day off from running. I know, I know...doesn't sound so unthinkable, but in my world it just so happens to be. The thing is, many of us rarely take a break from the things we're "supposed to do" to take care of ourselves. And I happen to be particularly bad at it. If it means giving up my workout, whether it be a party, dinner with friends, or illness I politely side step it. But not this week. This week my body is saying "slow down" and you know what, for yesterday at least, I listened. Today, my gym bag is packed and after leaving work, I will go promptly there to sweat out that O.J. After all, I can only take a break for so long.

Here's to a weekend of rest and starting those New Year's resolutions! As for me, I'm still trying to decide what those resolutions will be.


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