A state of confusion

Do you ever have one of those days when you're just confused? I have the unfortunate luck of being fairly indecisive. So, last night around 9 pm when I started trying to pack my gym bag for the morning I stared at my closet for a good 45 minutes. Finally, tired and no longer caring I just pulled a few sweaters and decided I would pick one at the gym after I had sweated and showered.

So, when I turned off my alarm at 6am after a long night of confusing dreams, I shoved my contacts in, ate cereal and reassessed today's outfit. Although I had already selected two ugly sweaters to choose from and a pair of black pants, I still wasn't happy. I stood there staring at the closet for another 15 minutes before deciding it was now too late to go to the gym to work out and I would just have to settle with going on a short walk and doing my run later tonight. After the walk, stretching and watching a little of the Today show (which I never do), I had to scramble to get ready.

For another 15 minutes I switched sweaters and camis around until I was somewhat satisfied. I ended up going with my original (but a bit cold for this 33 deg. weather) choice, my short silver bubble sleeve INC sweater and my cropped black INC pants (which still need hemmed and such) with my Franco Sarto leather flats. To add a little warmth I put on a scarf and wool coat and was FINALLY dressed at 8am. I'm dressed and at work, but I'm not pleased. My head and my room are now in a state of confusion and I'm just not sure when I'll come out of it. And to top it all off, it's becoming obvious that I need more winter clothing for work and I'm not sure which money tree that will be coming from at this time of year. UGH.

Here's to a happy Wednesday! I hope yours started out better than mine.


LOL! Sorry to laugh at your confusion, but I know exactly what you mean. I definitely need more warm weather clothing. Then again, I almost wonder what the point would be, considering that it's always the same temperature in my office anyways, whether it's sweltering outside or, if like today, there's snow on the ground. But I have about 10 pairs of dress pants in my closet I can no longer wear, and only 3 pair that fit me at the moment, and I'm not about to spend another small fortune on the right size pants, because I just don't feel like it! Screw the man. Wear whatever you want. And it still sounds like to me that you look wonderful today :) Love ya!
Kayla said…
See, I have the opposite problem - I mean, none of my clothes fit either and I wear the same five sweaters every week, but it's always a sauna in my cubicle.

Lauren - in response to your freelancing question, I'm working for my old employer, Purdue Marketing Communications, doing web stuff. My former boss also freelances for local magazines, but I've never tried it. It's good money though, if you have the time. :)

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