How about them Ducks, eh?

Saturday was pretty much perfect. ESPN Game Day was back in Eugene for the second time for the match up between the ASU Sun Devils and the Oregon Ducks. I was up at 6 am to get all Ducked out and layered for a foggy, 30-something degree morning. With tea in hand, beanie on head and my huge pillow of a down vest on, I forged the morning with a few friends and a few thousand other die hard fans. The taping lasted from 7 to 9am, with all announcers voting for our Ducks to come out with the W, including Corso who donned the Duck head.

Afterward, we made our way over to The Cooler, the nearest watering hole for breakfast and mimosas. With our order in by 930am and mimosas in hand, we patiently waited for our grub for the next two hours (yes, TWO!) with a sea of other Ducks and Devils. By this point it was time to head over to a friends house for pre-game festivities across the river. So off I went. By 2pm we made our way back to Autzen, grabbed a spiked coffee at a tailgate and headed into the game.

With a 3:45pm game start I was pretty exhausted, but the energy of Autzen always seems to breathe new life into your screaming, cheering, crazy fan self. By half time, my friend Stefanie, her sister Christine and I had were well on our way to losing our voices. The game was pretty amazing. Our Heisman hopeful Dixon was on fire and our Ducks won 35-23. The fans, especially students rushed the field and were jumping up and down around the players for at least 10 minutes. By the time I made it down to the field from the 79th row, the team was gone, but the fans were not. Autzen is a pretty great place to be on game day.

Here I am trying to survive the wrath of Catherine. She decided to tackle me on the field multiple times. Apparently, she forgot she's not a member of the UO football team.

Let me tell you, our world at the UO just got a whole lot crazier. The phones and e-mail are already relentless and we won't even know which bowl we're going to until Dec. 2! Give me a break people.


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