People watching made easy

While the streets of SF provide for a wide array of Glamour fashion DON'Ts, the Oakland Airport provided us with quite possibly the most hideous outfit of the weekend. Who knew the peasant, mouse look was in style? Not me! And don't even get me started on that floor length prairie skirt or the knee high slippers/moccasins. To get your very own knitted stocking cap fully equipped with mouse ears, please contact...your great Aunt Mildred?? Enlighten me, what awful Fashion DON'Ts have you seen lately?

Jolyn and I enjoyed our weekend in San Fran visiting Annie, her bf Whit and her roomies Laurie, Matt and Clyde (the basset hound). The highlights included walking around the entire city of San Francisco (twice!), hanging out at Fisherman's Wharf, a night at The Saddle Rack (the nearby cowboy watering hole), wine tasting in Napa and of course laughing about random things. Things such as the 80 year old man who danced with our group, the guy who paid the old man $5 to cut in and dance with me, the bum with dreadlocks 30 years in progress and Whit being our all-knowing wine connoisseur...just to name a few.


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