Giving thanks

Over the last few weeks I've been reminded that this is the time when we remember what we are thankful for in our lives. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for...

1. a healthy, happy family
2. high school friends who never let you down
3. the holiday season, which brings Christmas tree lightings, free music and refreshments to the community
4. Borders and its warm, comfy reading and journaling atmosphere
5. a fun group of friends who happen to also love running
6. a good job, roof over my head, and my health
7. holiday parties

What things are you thankful for this time of year?


Kayla said…
So I don't have a long list, but mostly I'm thankful for my family (all of whom I got to see during the holiday) and my friends. And my cat, for distractions. :) I suppose I'll throw my laptop in there, too - it's done wonders to keep me sane this past year.

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