A Step in WHAT direction?

So here's the thing. Most of my adult life (which I realize hasn't been all that long), I've wanted to work at a large corporation. I used to dream of walking to work in my high powered job in suit and heels with no worries socially, financially, or otherwise. At some time or another I have had the desire to work in the fields of fashion, beauty, health or simply changing the world, whether it be for Oprah, Glamour magazine, a PR firm, or as a nutritionist, physical therapist or sports psychologist for athletes. But when it comes right down to it, I can't help myself by working at a non-profit and wondering what in the heck I'm doing?! Anywayr, the dilemma I'm having is which step to take to start figuring this whole mess out.

A few days ago, thanks to MSN, I started watching an episode of roadtrip nation online. It's this great show where groups of three college students travel around in this big green RV for five weeks and try to figure out what to do with their futures as they interview inspiring people around the U.S. At one point, the group interviewed a man who basically said, "Why are you worrying about this? You're not 50 yrs old. If you find out you don't like something you can just switch at any time." Easy for him to say. That doesn't work for those of us who are Type A, anal, and want to know what we're destined to do RIGHT NOW! Moral of the story, the show is great, but it didn't give me any guidance as to what step to take next.

Frankly, I'm not sure I'll ever know.


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