"Hi, nice to meet you...(for the third time)."

Ok, I have a rant. What is with people who have met you two, three or even four times and still do not know your name or even recall meeting you (or rather me I should say)?

I have two theories on this:
a) I am just not a very memorable person OR
b) a good portion of people out there don't have a detailed memory

I realize that I have a somewhat unique memory in which I can recall where I met someone, what we talked about, what they like to do, etc. but for once I would like to meet someone for a second time and have them say, "Oh yeah, we met..."

On the occasions in which I have admitted that "yes, I remember meeting you @ ..." I always feel guilty for making the person realize we have in fact spoken before. So for now, I will continue to smile and reply, "Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Lauren. What's your name? Where do you work? (All the while knowing their name and occupation)


Wow Lauren, I need to be checking your blog more often! You are so great, and I love your entries! I am having the same problem you describe here, except in reverse...at my new job, during my first day, I was introduced to 100 people (not exaggerating - they employ 100 people!!). I have NO clue who has what name, what their job is, and frankly, sometimes I walk into work and see someone and I have no idea if I met them before! Ha! Oh well, I'm sure they'll forgive me...after all, they were in my shoes at some point, right? Miss you!!
Lauren said…
You however, have an excuse. I'm not sure I know anyone who would know 100 people's names in a week's time. Good luck! Let me know when the boy drama begins...

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