Dear Henry: eleven months

This Sunday Henry will turn 1 year old. In the last few weeks and now almost every day, I notice how much more of a little boy he's becoming and how much less of a baby he is. Before he turns one, let's look back on 11 months. 

Dear Henry,

At almost exactly 11 months old you decided to take your first few steps. Your balance has slowly improved and as you have realized you can move when vertical rather than only horizontal, you want to try anyway.

It's clear you're comprehending so many of the things we say to you and you are actually signing back to us now. Mostly more and all done. And sometimes when I sing "the more we get together", you even join in with your more sign.

Slowly but surely, you're deciding a bit more what you do and don't like food wise and are also showing your emotions via mini tantrums when you're mad.

  • your baby doll
  • having all your stuffed animals in your crib with you after nap
  • books (many of them you want to read over and over again)
  • putting dirt in your mouth
  • emptying any and all drawers/cupboards
  • cake (you practically tackled me for it at your friend Parker's birthday party)
  • seeing your baby friends (lots of hugs)

  • diaper changes
  • when a remote/ipad/cell phone is taken away from you

  • Taking steps! Just a few at the beginning of the month and by the end, easily 20 at a time or halfway across a room
  • putting the rings back on your ring stacker
  • giving hugs & kisses (sometimes) when asked 

  • 23lb 8oz
  • 30.5"
  • Clothes: 18 months
  • Teeth: 6 (Drooling has been nonstop around here! In fact, I got one of your cute bibs back out because it's been useful again.)

  • Taking 1-2 naps, ~2 hrs each (sometimes just 1 if we stretch the morning out with activities)
  • At night, 2 wake ups (usually 12 am and 5 am). I know that we could probably ween you off of those night feedings with some work and dad going in to try and soothe you, but I'd just prefer you ween yourself soon so we don't have to do that. 

I had drafted this post yesterday and then last night you had a cold that got worse with a fever leaving you whiny, shaking and screaming at points because you were just so uncomfortable. You didn't want to nurse or do much of anything and it was a good reminder for your dad and I that while you are growing up, you still are our baby.

Happy almost 1 year, little man!



Dear Henry: ten months


Leigh said…
I don't think the diaper changes improve- at least not in our house. I find that giving Amelia a book or toy helps. I've also started teaching her to put her legs in the air, so I can quickly wipe and then tell her down and she enthusiastically throws her legs down. Whatever works! Crazy that he is going to be one soon! Doesn't the time just fly by? Hope he is feeling better. Fevers are the worst.
Sorry to hear that Henry is sick - poor little guy! I can't believe that he is almost a year and is already walking! It sounds like he is so tall, too! He's going to be long and lean like his daddy!

Happy almost one year of being an awesome momma!!

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