Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dear Henry: ten months

So, I didn't post about Henry's nine month milestones because I had all intentions of catching up with months seven and eight first. Well, let's be honest, as I haven't made time for posting even once a week, I better just cut to the chase and get on with it. 

Dear Henry,

Since we last chatted, you've really been on the move. At seven months, you decided to really start crawling on all fours and immediately after, began pulling yourself up on anything and everything. Shortly after that, you started clapping and waving after I would demonstrate it.  So fun. And even though these are no longer new "tricks," I love it every time I see you clap or wave.

  • bananas
  • plain yogurt
  • 10-spice vegetable soup
  • baths
  • using your walker across the living room
  • playing in all the kitchen cabinets
  • trying to launch out of my arms when being carried
  • being outside

  • diaper changes (like, whoa!)
  • having your nose suctioned
  • being tired or hungry

  • Standing and balancing unassisted
  • Giving mama something after I asked for it
  • Playing in the sandbox at the park (yum, sand)
  • Pointing
  • Dancing & twisting

  • 22 lb 4oz
  • 29.5" (@ 9 months)
  • Clothes: 12-18 months 
  • Teeth: four

  • 2 naps per day (usually), 1-2 hours each
  • 1-3 wake ups per night (occasionally, none)
  • Usually nurse back to sleep, but sometimes go back to sleep on your own

Ah, geez. I know you're likely going to be tall like your dad, but it doesn't make dressing you any easier. Just when I think I've bought the right size of clothing, I go to get you dressed and everything either looks entirely too small or long and baggy on you.

And socks? I don't know what these manufacturers are thinking when they make socks, but none of them fit you. Good thing summer is almost here!

In the last few weeks, I've started really reflecting on the fact that you're almost ONE year old (how?!) and it makes me a bit sad to think that you're soon to be a toddler and not a baby much longer.

But then you have a rough day where you're sick or teething and all you want to do is be held. On those days, I'm quickly reminded that no matter how mobile, you're still my little baby.

Love you lots,


Dear Henry: six months

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mini Vacation: Sunriver

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that a few weeks ago we took a mini vacation with my parents, grandma and brother to Sunriver just about 20 minutes from Bend, OR. My parents have rented a house there once a year for several years now and it's a trip I always look forward to.

Sun. Mountains in clear view. The scent of fresh pine everywhere you go. Access to ski, hike and run to your heart's content. What's not to love?

My mom drove Henry, my grandma and I over, while Pete had to work. Luckily, despite only taking a short nap on the 3 hour drive over, H was still a happy camper. This year was slightly different having to pack for a baby and myself, so I tried to stick with the necessities.

The weather in March in Central Oregon can be winter or spring conditions, but we definitely experienced more of the spring side of things. We had one day of all sun and the rest were mostly cloudy with some showers.

Some of the highlights of the weekend included...

A 3 mile family hike along the Deschutes River Trail

A blissfully happy baby during a lunch at the local brewery (+epic naps). Dining out with Henry happens very rarely now that he's extremely active and wants to grab everything or be on the ground crawling all over. Also, Henry napped for 2 hours twice a day, every day we were there. Talk about a vacation.

Plenty of fresh air and beautiful scenery on our walks.

Cross country skiing with my brother. It was a full body 5K for sure!

This fox decided to say hi on our ski. He or she just stopped and stared at us for a few minutes, so we assume it gets fed by people regularly. It was pretty cool to see it so close for such a long time.

Morning coffee in the hot tub with the snow coming down

This is the life. 

Just as we were leaving, my mom thought to snap some family photos. I rarely think of it, so it's nice to get a few.

with grandma

After several wrangling a baby who wanted to crawl in the snow photos, we finally got a keeper. Waving and clapping are two of his favorite skills right now.

Ah... Even though vacation has a different meaning these days (and doesn't always mean a vacation from parenting), it was nice to go at a slower pace, have some good laughs with family and be in a place we love.

It's crazy that last year when we were in Sunriver I was just halfway through my pregnancy and now we have a 10 month old. How things change.

On that note, happy April! As Henry turns 10 months tomorrow, I already find myself thinking about his 1st birthday. Everyone tells you the first year flies, and it really does. As our little guy gets closer to walking, I'm a bit sad my baby is soon to become a toddler.