Running: Back in the Routine

It's been interesting to see that almost 10 months postpartum, I finally feel like I'm getting back into the routine of running and actually training. While those first three months really are the most exhausting and sleepless (for most parents), it has taken several more for us to get in a groove and frankly, for me to feel like I could leave the house guilt free on a regular basis for my runs. Tiny humans demand a lot.

While the mornings or late evenings are really my only guaranteed times to run, I don't mind being up before the sun {and missing an hour of sleep} to start my day in such a peaceful way. 

It also works out nicely that H seems to wake up for one feeding around 4:00 am and then is back to sleep for several hours so I can leave knowing he probably won't wake the manfriend up too early.

Last week, I started meeting up with a friend who lives nearby to run and it's been nice to have a running buddy to chat with for a few miles as the body wakes up. I'm currently getting in about 20-22 miles with 4-5 runs per week, but I know that will start to increase as my long runs get longer.

The benefit of living near hills: you actually get to run them regularly if you want to. 

Testing out the HOKA Cliftons as part of my running store gig

While I'm not someone who ditches out on exercise easily, it's nice to have the goal of a half marathon on the horizon to give me a little extra motivation to run a few more miles or actually do my speed workouts. I'm also trying to get back in the regular routine of strength training & yoga to keep any injuries at bay. Committing to my running also feels like I'm doing something to really fill up my tank before I take care of Henry.

And an added reward for these morning runs is ending them with watching the sun come up. I mean seriously, try to tell me there's a better time to run. And let's be honest, after 8-10 hours of chasing and lugging the little guy around, I'm pretty well spent.

 Good morning, world.

What's your favorite time to run or workout? What one thing really fills up your tank and allows you to be a great employee, friend, spouse, or parent?


I am glad that you've really been able to get back to running again! It's a great way to 'fill up your tank' as you said! My favorite time of day to run is in the mornings on the weekends because I can run at 7 so it's still early but not too early that I feel groggy. I never run before work as I am just not disciplined enough to get out there in the dark so kudos to you for doing that! The sunrise is a great reward and I can see how it makes way more sense to get your run in early given how tired you'll be at the end of the day!

One thing that fills up my tank is exercising. Right now that consists of a whole lot of yoga and lots of walks due to my hip issues but it's better than nothing!
Tasha Malcolm said…
It took me forever to get back into a running routine after A. I started to run 6 weeks post partum and after multiple weeks of hoping my hip pain would subside, I finally gave up for a few months. It took my hips almost 6 months post partum to feel "normal" again. At least the new normal. I was running fairly good, but doing more crossfit through the end of August. From August until about the first of this year I didn't feel like doing much of anything- running or crossfit, but ran here and there. After the first of the year when we got our Y membership I felt less guilty about running more because A loves hanging out with her "gym friends" at the gym childcare center. Plus, it is TWO HOURS of free childcare. She has never been there for more than an hour, but the option is nice! It took me forever to get over the mom guilt of going running and leaving her with my husband, but I need that personal time too. It is okay to take time for yourself. :-)
Heather @ Real Talk RD said…
This gives the childless of us future hope! ;) Love seeing those sunrise shots. I'm a morning runner for a few reasons, the top one used to be b/c it was really my only time to get it in, but now the top reason is really how much it affects my day. Even if it's just a walk, starting the day outside with a view of the sky waking up, too, is just the best.
My favorite time to run is in the wee hours of the morning. I love the quiet and the dark; I love watching the sun come up; I love listening to the birds sing etc... plus, like you said, after work, at the end of the day, I am tired! It's nice to have your workout done by 7 or 8 in the morning and then you can get going on the day!

How do you like the Clifton? I actually bought a pair on sale but have not taken them out of the box yet. I have tried the Stinson and one other one, which I liked. The only issue I find is that they tend to wear out fast, like after only a couple hundred miles, while other brands tend to last longer.
Elizabeth said…
Ha I can see I'm in the minority I am Not a morning person :) I feel like my body doesn't wake up well even until the afternoon...and the 2-6pm window is my favorite time to do any sort of work-out. Sometimes I wonder if it goes back to high school days and how practice was almost always in the afternoon--maybe?! :) But so glad to read that you're back at it. I can imagine that it does set a great tone for the day and those sun rises would be amazing! Hoping it works out to meet up on Thursday--I researched a few places and the weather is looking amazing!

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