Race Week is Here

The last eight weeks really have flown by (not to mention the last five months for that matter). It's funny how when you start training for something, eight or 12 weeks sounds like plenty of time, but before you know it, race day has arrived.

For the most part, I did a good job at getting in consistent runs each week and almost every week I did a long run, increasing my mileage by about a mile each week, starting at 5 miles for my long run and ending with a 10.5 mile run. By far, this was the most challenging training cycle in terms of fitting in my runs.

Being a new, nursing mom requires a bit of juggling with the timing of feeding, sleeping, and then of course having someone to watch the babe (whether that's dad, a family member or childcare). At least once a week, I did either a headlamp run after Henry was asleep and Pete was home, or the little guy accompanied me on a stroller run. You gotta do what ya gotta do!

For long runs, I would often nurse Henry around 6:00 or 6:30 a.m., eat some p.b. toast, quickly get dressed and run from the house in order to get back in time for the next feeding. Last weekend, I did a 7 miler for my last long run and honestly, my legs still get sore by mile 4, so it's clear that my running fitness is still slowly returning. But all in all, half marathon has been really good for me in that it forced me to get out on a run on my own a few days a week and clear my head a bit.

So, what are my plans for the next few days and race day?

As I mentioned before, I'm approaching this half marathon in a very laid-back fashion. My good friend Jessica is coming down from Portland to run it with me and we'll likely chat and laugh through the 13.1 miles. And I'll happily walk through water stations if we want.

Running at Cannon Beach in 2014

I did a short recovery run on Monday (30 min) and a 3.5 mile stroller run with Henry and friend Laurel Tuesday as well as a bit of strength training. I'm hoping to get in one more easy run Thursday or Friday (~3 miles w/ a few strides) and a few short yoga stretch sessions before Sunday.

I also want to stay hydrated (which is much more challenging these days) and be conscious of not eating too much fiber from Friday on.

And finally, I already have it in my mind to treat myself to a salted caramel latte from a local caffe afterward. Yum... #treatyoself

What's the next race or adventure on your horizon? Anyone running a turkey trot this year?

After EWEB Run to Stay Warm, I'm really hoping to get back to studio yoga once a week and head out for some more trail runs when I can. 


It sounds like you are ready! I have a hard time fitting in runs and I don't even have a baby to work around, so I applaud you for getting those runs in! Good luck on your race! It sounds like you are going to have fun! I have a race the weekend after Thanksgiving, which is a good excuse to eat pie, but I have to be careful not to eat too much!
Way to go on training for this race! It's so impressive that you fit the training in around being a busy, new, nursing mom! So props to you! I hope you have a great race experience!!

My next 'race' is a 10k on Thanksgiving day. I use the word race lightly as I don't really plan on racing - I just want to get out there, have fun, and burn some calories before gorging on all the Thanksgiving food! After that race, I won't race again until the spring. I'm thinking about doing a 1/2 in early May and then in June I'll be doing Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN! (I have been quiet about that as I haven't told my parents yet - they aren't going to be thrilled as they think marathons are too hard on me so I am planning to tell them in person over Thanksgiving).
Amber said…
Have an awesome race this weekend Lauren!!! I know you will rock it. I don't have any other races planned to the spring and then I'm really not sure what my race plans will end up being :)
Leigh said…
Hope your race went well!!

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