What To Do When You're Bored Out of Your Mind

This is a tongue in cheek sort of post on things to do when you're bored beyond belief. I know from personal experience as we wait for Baby Moe to arrive (currently 40 weeks + 5 days and still cooking). Keep in mind that if I were able to do some kind of vigorous exercise (running or HIIT) or if I were working full time, boredom likely wouldn't be an issue for me. 

Here are just a few of the things I might recommend to try and pass the time if you're ever say waiting for a tiny human to make his or her grand entrance...

Take a walk outside your neighborhood - See new scenery, do some people watching, and spend some time away from tempting screens

Willamette River from the bike path

Catch up with friends - You finally have the time to catch up, so take advantage of it! I've enjoyed catching up with friends and former coworkers in these last couple months as I know my time will soon be quite occupied.

Get acquainted with Netflix - Sure, we watched Netflix before the pregnancy, but in these last few months, it has become like gold for us as we don't have cable TV. Netflix allows us to watch interesting documentaries (Craigslist Joe) and entertaining shows we haven't seen (Anthony Bourdain's Layover) for only $8 a month.

Walk the aisles of Target - We spent an hour last night walking up and down the aisles despite not needing a single thing. Granted, how much do you actually need from Target?

Clean your house - And then clean it again. Because a clean house makes you feel productive, calm, and happy. I've probably mopped our house more in the last two months than I have in the last year.

See a movie - We rarely go out to the movies because it's a bit spendy and I'd usually prefer to go out to dinner and drinks than watch a flick. But, changing it up can be fun and if you're lucky enough to have a cheap theater in town (we saw The Imitation Game for $2!), I recommend it.

Catch up on projects you've put off - There are a few still on my list and for whatever reason, I've taken a few steps toward them, but haven't stuck with it enough to finish them.

Enjoy pastries and coffee - Yeah, I've done my share of pastry eating during this pregnancy in addition to a decent veggie and fruit intake. I should probably start to clean that up...

But, yum.

Read a book - In addition to a few baby books, I finally read a fun fiction novel. I've also downloaded Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" for the hours upon hours the little one will hopefully be napping.

Go to the mall - Hear me out. On occasion, we head to the mall to do a little people watching, enjoy the AC, and plunk a few $ in the massage chairs and just relax.

Declutter your closet - A few months ago, I ordered a resale bag from ThreadUp and sent away a pile of clothes that I hadn't worn in a long time prior to the pregnancy. In return, I earned a little cash and felt good about getting rid of items I wasn't going to wear again.

Any other activities you would add to the list? 


Ha, you totally deserve to say you are bored out of your mind right now! I'd be losing my mind right about now, too, as I know you are SO ready for the next phase of this journey! Waiting can be the hardest part, I think!!

I agree with everything on this list. I'd also add going out for ice cream, checking out local things you've been meaning to do but never got around to (like botanical gardens, museums, etc), go to the library and peruse the shelves for a book, and clean your fridge (not fun but something I'm always glad I did when it's all done).
Anonymous said…
Hang in there! Your attitude is good, and although I know that ANY extra days after your due date seem like a crime and eternity, your next year will just fly and all of a sudden it's early June again. An overdue baby often means an even stronger and healthier baby, so be happy for that! And hey- if anyone tries to tell you that eating a whole pineapple will bring on contractions, don't believe them. There's only one thing it'll bring on and it's not a baby ;) love, Siri Mom (myself, at 31 weeks!)
Erin said…
Go on a run! I ran on my due date (because it was nice out, and the dog needed exercise and it was my effing due date!) and I went into labor that night (like midnight)! I hadn't run for about 5 weeks prior to that but had been exercising a tons still; it was slow and there were lots of walk breaks, but I was happy to be out there and I had my baby the next day :)
Amber said…
I can't even imagine how tough this last little waiting game would be! Even though my coworker was not expecting her babe to come two weeks early I think she was ultimately happy he did because she did not have to do the whole waiting game thing then!

Thinking about you every day and obsessively checking your instagram :) Hang in there!!

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