10 New Mom Realizations

Hi, friends! You know what's amazing? Everyone tells you you'll have so much time to do stuff as baby is sleeping, but what they don't always mention is that said things might need to be done with one hand or with a baby laying on your chest. 

Well, typing on a computer is one of those things that can't easily be done with one hand. While I may not be accomplishing a lot, I am keeping this tiny (adorable) human alive, so there's that. 

For your entertainment, here are 10 New Mom Realizations I've had over the past two weeks: 

1. Being the sole food source for your child is exhausting at times. All hours of the day and night, sometimes hunched over, painful at first, in the middle of the night half asleep, no matter how tired or hungry you are, the child doesn't care. He/she just wants to eat. Luckily, they're cute and you know it's worth it in the end.

2. Sleeping when they sleep seems like a good idea in theory except for the fact that they might wake up if you set them down and it's also your only chance to get something done (tidy up, type an email, get some water, go to the bathroom, etc).

3. You will look down at that tiny face and realize that THIS is truly the most important thing you've ever done. Stressing about work, friendships, what you're going to eat for dinner, trying to make others happy... It all pales in comparison to taking care of a life that depends on you.

4. Other than occasional date nights out, it's likely the manfriend and I will never eat at the same time again for the next oh, five years? Little ones don't care that you are hungry or your dinner is ready now.

5. It's amazing how rested you can feel on 4 hours of sleep. But that doesn't mean those 7 hour nights aren't glorious.

Someone found his hand

6. A glass of wine or beer doesn't sound as appealing when you're half asleep and would have to drink it within a short window (hello, nursing) while holding a baby in the other hand.

7. The bouncy chair is my key to getting a shower in every day.

8. I can see why parents have a hard time prioritizing exercise and eating well. Thanks to needing a little recovery time from giving birth to the little guy, I'm forced not to workout, but even if I weren't it would be a challenge to fit in exercise.

9. In the 24 hours of each day, when I'm not sleeping, there may be a total of 1 hour in which I am not holding Henry (i.e. when I'm showering and he's in the bouncy chair, when Pete is holding/taking care of him before or after work, or if he's in the car seat or stroller).

Testing out the crib for a few minutes

10. Going to the grocery store for 1-2 items is no longer worth it. I need to have a list to justify it (little man does not like his car seat).

Okay, this post officially took me all week to get written and published. Ah, new mom life. Happy Friday! And happy two weeks of life to little Henry!

What are you most excited about this weekend?

We are heading to my cousin's wedding tomorrow, so it will be fun to introduce our little guy to family as well as enjoy the celebration.


Amber said…
Henry is so so cute! I have no comments on all of the above as I've obviously never experienced it myself other than hang in there!! Most of my friends who have started having babies over the last couple of years have struggled in the first couple of months and then they get into a groove and things feel manageable and normal again. You are an AWESOME mom!!

Have so much fun at the wedding this weekend! I'm sure there will be lots of people anxious to hold and snuggle Henry so maybe you'll get to go more than an hour without holding him ;)
Henry is such a doll! I can totally see how you feel like you don't have time to do anything (at least with 2 hands) as I can remember feeling like that when I have babysat for newborns. They are a lot of work and require a lot of attention - good thing they are so cute. ;)

I hope the wedding goes well this weekend - I am sure there will be lots of people that want to hold him! We have a wedding today, too! Luckily it's a local one so we don't have to travel. My parents are going to stay with me so it will be nice to get some extra time with them!
Taylor said…
#10 is spot on... When it takes longer to get the baby out of the car and into the stroller than it does to take care of the errand, it's not worth it!! I'm thinking there should be more businesses with drive thrus, not just fast food, coffee, banking and prescriptions!
I cannot speak from experience, but I have heard that the first couple of months are especially tough. You are in high demand, woman! Don't worry; it will settle down with time. When I have babysat for friends, I often get a lot of reading done, because I can hold a Kindle in one hand and a baby in the other. However, that's only when they are behaving!!
Anonymous said…
Henry! Sounds like you're doing all the right things. All but one- cleaning the hoyse when the baby is sleeping. Didn't you know that's the job of friends and family stopping by? ;) xoxo, Siri Mom
Leigh said…
I agree with all of these especially the 1-2 things at the grocery store..it's just such a pain to lug in the car seat that it's easier not to go. Hope you and Henry are doing well!

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