Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! I haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought it would be fun. Here are five random things I've appreciated (or am looking forward to) this week.

1. After having both our first birth class and a breastfeeding class this week, I feel more confident that I can do this whole thing, even if I won't necessarily know what I'm doing.

Because it's been a while since I really did an intense run, I have felt a little disconnected from that feeling of knowing my body has just done some intense, impressive thing. I am remembering that I can trust my body in this whole birth process because it has done so much for me (50Ks, marathons, 24 hour relays w/ no sleep, and even growing a baby).

2. Spending quality time with the brothers. Yesterday, my youngest brother Max came with me to Portland to do a little shopping at Ikea. We picked up Kyle (the older of my younger brothers) on our way and spent a few hours shopping, going to lunch, and sitting outside in the 70 degree sun. I forget how fun it is to just hang out with the siblings.

Why yes, Ikea, we will try your chairs. 

3. Happier podcast by Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft.  A lot of people have been recommending this lately and I finally downloaded it this week and started listening. The episodes are perfect because they are only 20-25 minutes long and always give you one or two easy tidbits to make you happier.

The ideas that resonated with me: making your bed every morning and saying warm hellos/goodbyes.

Whether the manfriend makes the bed, or I do, I always appreciate the sense of peace I get when I walk into our bedroom and see a nicely made bed. And in terms of hellos and goodbyes, I always feel a bit uneasy if I don't tell the manfriend to have a good day and give him a hug + kiss before he jets off to work.

4. My belly officially resembles a torpedo. Overall, I find this pretty humorous. Watch out, I might knock something over.

And the little nugget inside is moving like crazy this week making my belly into all kinds of shapes. 

5. I'm looking forward to meeting my blogging buddy Elizabeth today! We met through Instagram or blogging a few years ago and are finally meeting for the first time today to do a little hiking. She lives near Portland, so we're meeting about halfway in between.

From last weekend's hike with the manfriend

Do you make your bed every morning? Or do you have any other daily habits that are "must do's?" How do you plan to spend your weekend? 


Wow, you totally have torpedo belly! That is funny! You are definitely all baby as you are so slim and trim everywhere else!!

I love the Happier podcasts, too! 20 minutes is perfect as I can listen to it on my commute to work as that is about how long it takes. I do make my bed every single day and Phil now makes it when he is at my place (he does not ever make his bed at home ever so I really appreciate that he does at my place). I actually have an extremely regimented morning schedule. I always do everything in the exact same order... If I changed anything it would really throw me off!!

This weekend is going to be a bit chaotic for me as there are 6 showings at my place so I basically am packing a bag and staying at Phil's as it doesn't make sense to try to spend any amount of time here. I'm lucky that I can stay with him! I've got a couple of social plans, a run with my club tomorrow, and hopefully lots of time outside tomorrow as the weather will be nice.

Have fun meeting Elizabeth! I wish I could teleport myself there for some hiking!!
Trisha said…
My goodness, I can relate to the torpedo belly and the dancing baby (well, in my case babies). I wore a dress with horizontal stripes today and my coworkers couldn't get over just "how pregnant" I looked. Haha!
It's so true about making the bed every morning being such a great way to feel accomplished before leaving for the day, and even more rewarding to crawl into at night. That said, I still don't do it every day!!
Jessica Jarrell said…
I can hardly believe that picture of Kyle and Max. Wow! Safe to say I still remember them from high school. A lot has changed! You look great Lauren, not too much longer now! Have a great weekend! :)
Amber said…
I do make the bed every morning! Actually usually Eric makes it and then I straighten it out because he's not into fluffing pillows and making sure they look straight and neat. hahaha.

You are seriously the cutest pregnant person ever!! Your bump is SO cute! Love the picture of you hiking!!

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