Weekend on the Run

Last weekend I got reacquainted with a few of my favorite run spots. It's crazy how you go a month or two without running a specific route or part of a trail and all of a sudden, BAM! it feels brand new.

Saturday morning I ventured up the Ridgeline for some glute/hamstring work before yoga (did I mention next weekend's half has 2,800 ft of climbing?!).

Insert cheesey life metaphor here (because I sure did)

And yup, I took the UP trail before heading down. 

And on Sunday, I kept it flat and peaceful with 9 sunrise miles, ending with a stop for syrup. I was the crazy girl running a mile home with a glass bottle of maple syrup in her hand. #thethingsyoudoforpancakes

Probably the only time my legs will be a mile long

And only occasionally ventured off the beaten path 

...or stopped to stare.

Eventually, all roads lead to home and after a weekend of fresh air and fun miles, the proper way to close it out is by biking to your favorite patisserie for dessert.

It was a good weekend indeed and I'm feeling recovered from the 50K thanks to my easy effort and a gentle return to running.

For some crazy reason, I decided to go balls to the wall on lower body Monday morning, so I'm experiencing DOMS like nobody's business. This morning I have another at-home weight training session planned and the jury's still out on whether or not I'll do more squats and lunges. Because you know weight training a week and a half before your race is really going to make up for the lack of hill training you've been doing. ;)

How's your week going? What one thing are you looking forward to the rest of this week or weekend?

Mine's crazy busy, but I'm trying to crank through the to-do list and take deep breaths. Because waking up at 3:30 a.m. to fret about your list doesn't solve much of anything.

And big congrats to Emily who conquered her 100 miler! Serious accomplishment right there. I can't even imagine.


Amber said…
Nice work! Those sunrise miles look especially beautiful. Glad to hear you're feeling recovered from the 50km now!
Leigh said…
Those are some seriously gorgeous scenery on your run!
I love the photos from your run! So beautiful! I really really want to visit and check out some of these trails! And I love that you got maple syrup during your run!

I am totally ill prepared for the trail aspect of next weekend's race. I can run well beyond 13 miles but the elevation climb is going to kick my butt. But I have no goal whatsoever for this race besides finishing and having fun! Can't wait to see you!

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